Blockchain and Advanced Research Subcommittee

I-COM Data Science Subcommittee on Blockchain and Advanced Research is a new initiative launched in August 2017 within the framework of I-COM Data Science Programme.

While blockchain may prove a suitable approach for addressing transparency and authenticity issues eroding trust in online advertising, many important questions need answers before actual industry-wide implementations are feasible. For example, whereas Bitcoin, the best-known implementation of blockchain technology, poorly handles 250 million transactions per day, programmatic advertising ecosystem manages more than 200 billion transactions per day. Another concern is related to blockchain’s energy problem, and how the Internet’s share of the global carbon footprint rapidly increases together with the growth of online advertising. Finally, it is not reasonable to expect advertisers and their agency partners, anytime in the near-future, to expose themselves to the uncertainty of cryptocurrencies. A scalable, and energy-efficient blockchain paradigm, where trading is pegged at least initially to currency, needs to be outlined to meet the requirements of online advertising specifically. The purpose of the Subcommittee is to answer these questions, and provide guidance on the subject matter to relevant industry bodies, companies and researchers.

Subcommittee Members

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