I-COM Breakout Sessions 2017

The I-COM Breakout Sessions are an opportunity for interactive discussion on the subject matter as well as building consensus on the main takeaways.
The process is as follows: ◆  Welcome interested people to your breakout session. ◆ You will find Input Cards on the Table. Please ask each person to fill out one Input Card, listing the 3 main takeaway points that they retained from your session. ◆ After people fill out their individual Input Cards, the moderator leads a discussion in which the Breakout Session group comes to a consensus on 3 main takeaways that everybody agrees with. ◆ When finished, kindly submit the Group’s 3 main takeaways on the form below. ◆ The results of your Breakout Session output will be published on the I-COM Summit Newsfeed.  Thank you for moderating the breakout session!