Call For Roundtables: I-COM Global Summit


    If you are attending the I-COM Global Summit this April, we invite you to submit a proposal to host one of the I-COM Roundtable sessions.  The sessions are part of the Summit Programme and will take place on the afternoon of Monday, April 24.

    To propose a Roundtable session, please complete and submit the form below.

    About the I-COM Roundtable sessions:

    • Roundtables provide an intensive discussion platform for a selected group of attendees (10 – 30 delegates)
    • Each session is focused on a specific topic or issue, and lasts 1 or 2 hours
    • A Roundtable can be 'Open' to delegates or 'Private - Invitation-only'
    • The primary aims are benchmarking, forming collaborations and sharing experiences on an international level.
    • Meetings run to a specific format. However, the format can be customised depending on participant / hosts needs.
    Enter the proposed title of the Roundtable you wish to host
    Give an outline of the Topic or Specific Issue the Roundtable will address.
    List the type of Summit delegate you would like to attend (for example: stakeholders, industry sector, title, region etc)
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