Call For Speakers: I-COM Global Summit 2018

I-COM welcomes Speaker proposals for the 9th edition of the I-COM Global Summit to be held between April 9 - 12, 2018 in San Sebastian, Spain. 

The I-COM Programme Board has a preference for Speaker proposals that include case studies and co-presentations with clients. Please send us a detailed proposal by filling out all fields in the form, below. Please note that the I-COM Programme Board meets to review the Speaker proposals on a monthly basis. The Board may get in touch with you directly should they need further information. Please bear with us during the proposal review and selection process, it can take several weeks.

Please take the time to review our Speaker Guidelines before submitting your proposal. 

Deadline for sending proposals: December 31, 2017.

  • Addressing Barriers to Programmatic (Transparency, Viewability, NHT, Ad Blocking, Inventory Quality, Audience Targeting Limitations, Fraudulent Impressions, Brand Safety)
  • AI Enabled Technologies Driving Data / Product Innovation
  • Application of Data Science in a Real World
  • Architecture for Democratized Analytics & Insights
  • Brand Engagement via New Channels (ie. Messenger)
  • Building Positive Customer Experience
  • Business Models for Data Partnerships
  • Consumer Insights Driving Business Outcomes
  • Cross Media & Device Measurement
  • Culinary vs Data Creativity
  • Data Activation
  • Data Ownership vs Sharing
  • Data Sharing and the Value Exchange with Consumers
  • Data, Validation, Correction
  • Defining a Single Currency in a Divided Media Market
  • Education & Talent for Today and Tomorrow
  • Effective Targeting in the Consumer Pathway
  • From Mad Men to Math Men (and back again)
  • Gen Z is Changing the Media Game
  • Harnessing the Opportunities from Big Data in Retail & Integrating Offline Data
  • Harnessing the Opportunities from Big Data in e-commerce
  • Identity Management meets Data Management
  • Innovative Approaches for Creating Value from Data
  • Leveraging & Measuring Location Based Marketing
  • Leveraging Big Data to take Programmatic to the Next Level
  • Leveraging Data in the Creative Process
  • Leveraging Value from IOT (Internet of Things) Data
  • Marketing Effectiveness across Channels
  • Measurement & Data in the World of Walled Gardens
  • Media Buying vs Trading
  • Multi-Channel Attribution Management
  • Multi-Screen Video Audience Measurement
  • Native Advertising & Content Marketing
  • Navigating Data in Digital Transformation
  • Programmatic TV – The Next Frontier for First Party Data
  • Quantifying the Effects of Header Bidding
  • Realtime Omnichannel Analytics & Personalisation
  • Rise of 1st Party Data
  • The Data Driven Marketing Officer
  • The Future of Paid Search
  • The Rise of Smart TV & Return Path Data Globally
  • The Value of Data Visualisation
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