Call For Topics: I-COM Global Summit

I-COM welcomes proposals for topics for the 9th Edition I-COM Global Summit to be held from April 9-12, 2018.

Let us have your ideas for themes and subject areas you would like to see covered during the Global Summit 2018 by completing the form below. 

All proposals will be discussed by the I-COM Programme Board Members as they formulate and shape the content for the Global Summit 2018 Programme.

Simply click on the list of current topic categories already identified by the I-COM Programme Board, and enter your proposal.

  • Addressing Barriers to Programmatic (Transparency, Viewability, NHT, Ad Blocking, Inventory Quality, Audience Targeting Limitations, Fraudulent Impressions, Brand Safety)
  • AI Enabled Technologies Driving Data/Product Innovation
  • Application of Data Science in a Real World
  • Architecture for Democratized Analytics & Insights
  • Blockchain - Concepts Applied Throughout the Supply Chain
  • Business Models for Data Partnerships
  • Consumer Insights Driving Business Outcomes
  • Cross Media and Device Measurement
  • Data Integration
  • Data Quality, Validation, Correction
  • Data Sharing and the Consumer Value Exchange
  • Education & Talent for Today and Tomorrow
  • Equifax and Safari: Implications for the Data Ecosystem
  • Gen Z is Changing the Marketing Game
  • How GDPR and the Proposed E-privacy Legislation will Change the World of Data & E-privacy
  • How is Multi-Touch Attribution Combined with Econometric & Media Mix Modeling to Provide Cross-Channel Measurement
  • How Marketers Use Big Data in E-commerce and Publishing
  • Human Narrative Through Data
  • Identity Management meets Data Management
  • IOT - How Consumer Behaviour will Change
  • IOT and Smart Cities
  • Leveraging Value from IOT Data
  • Leveraging AI in the Creative Process
  • Leveraging and Measuring Mobile & Location Based Marketing
  • Leveraging Quality Big Data for Effective Targeting & Data Activation
  • Measurement and Data in the World of Walled Gardens
  • Media Buying in Payment Terms for Transactions & Introduction of New 3rd Parties (New POP)
  • Media Buying vs. Trading
  • Multi-Screen Video Audience Measurement
  • Native Advertising & Content Marketing
  • Navigating Data in Digital Transformation
  • New Technologies in Measurement Innovation
  • Programmatic TV - The Next Frontier for First Party Data
  • Realtime OmniChannel Analytics and Personalization
  • Rethinking Data Privacy
  • The Data-Driven Marketing Officer
  • The Next Generation Ad Experience
  • The Rise of Smart TV & Return Path Data Globally
  • The World of Autonomous Vehicles in 2021
  • Trends in Social & The Implications for the Ad Model
  • Unlocking the Impact within the Consumer Journey
  • Using Data in Creative Development
  • What Happens to the Adtech Stack in an Opt-in World
  • What Innovative Approaches for Creating Value from Big Data will Emerge in the Next 3 years
  • What is the Future of Data Pools, Lakes, Sharing and 2nd Party Data
  • What will a Marketing Cloud of the Future Look Like; Who will Own it

We look forward to receiving your input!

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