I-COM City Meetups

I-COM City Meetups are exclusively invitation-only.  Organised by I-COM and held in cities around the world, we gather I-COM Alumni & Industry leaders involved in the Marketing Data and Measurement space, to share and discuss areas of particular interest to the group in an informal environment.

I-COM is pleased to receive the sponsorship support for a number of our City Meetups. If you would like us to arrange a City Meetup in your city, or want to know more about the sponsorship opportunities available, please email to moreinfo@i-com.org

I-COM Brooklyn Culinary Crawl / October 2017

I-COM Dusseldorf Meetup / September 2017

I-COM Singapore Meetup / June 2017

I-COM London Meetup / February 2017

I-COM London Meetup / November 2016

Sponsored by Audience Project

I-COM Madrid Meetup / November 2016

I-COM NYC & Brooklyn Meetups / August 2016

Selected City Meetups were sponsored by Eyeota.

I-COM San Francisco Meetup / August 2016

I-COM London Meetup / August 2016

I-COM Dubai Meetup / May 2016

I-COM Delhi Meetup / February 2016

I-COM USA Meetups / September 2015