Data Creativity Awards

CRM Category

Category Definition

I-COM defines the CRM Category as follows:

Rewarding work that is leveraging known customer data to better drive and measure marketing results across all channels.

Category Objective

Recognize massive merging between media and CRM business, convergence.

Judging & Criteria

50% of the scoring based on the actual project results (describe ROI, Awareness, Degree of Process Improvement)

50% on the extent to which innovative and creative approaches were adopted in achieving those results.

Successful entries will include one or more of the following elements:

A. 8 General Data Creativity Elements

  • Creating New Insights From Multiple Data Sources
  • Effective and Efficient Integration of Data
  • Innovative Data Sourcing
  • Analytics Creativity
  • Using Insights To Evolve The Planning And Execution Process
  • Employing Different Marketing Sciences
  • Technology Innovation (in-house or with 3rd parties)
  • Innovative Data Visualisation

B. Elements of Data Creativity Specific to the CRM Category

  • Degree of Applicability across multiple devices, channels, geographies or ad formats
  • Scalability
  • Unique use of disparate data sets
  • Innovation in managing identity (must maintain PII)

Who Should Enter?

Companies with a CRM file, Retailers, companies that are in the Media Space, Television Networks, AdTech companies, Agencies, CRM Software companies.