Data Creativity Awards

Social Media Category

Category Definition

I-COM defines the Social Media category as work that falls within a broad definition of social media, beyond paid advertising in social platforms. This includes topics of social-driven commerce, user comments or conversations, user-generated content, forums and message boards, crowdsourcing/crowd-funding, social publishing, and social media listening.

Category Objective

To reward innovation in creating business value from Marketing Data & Measurement in Social Media communication.

Judging & Criteria

Judging will focus on how innovative the solution was at driving new insight and business impact in any of the areas listed. Successful entries will demonstrate how new and creative approaches made use of some aspect of the ecosystem of social data and how the solution affected decisions, strategies and tactics for brands.

50% of the scoring is based on the actual project results, including: Conversion Rate, Brand Awareness, Virality / Reach, Engagement (Retweets, shared, @ mentions, comments, favoriting), Cost per Engagement, etc.

50% on the extent to which innovative and creative approaches were adopted in achieving those results.

Successful entries will include one or more of the following Data Creativity elements:

A. 8 General Data Creativity Elements

  • Creating New Insights From Multiple Data Sources
  • Effective and Efficient Integration of Data
  • Innovative Data Sourcing
  • Analytics Creativity
  • Using Insights To Evolve The Planning And Execution Process
  • Employing Different Marketing Sciences
  • Technology Innovation (in-house or with 3rd parties)
  • Innovative Data Visualisation

B. Elements of Data Creativity Specific to the Social Media Category

  • Real-time Decision Making
  • Text Analytics (Topic Detection / Sentiment Analysis)
  • Data Science (Clustering, Correlations, Predictive Analytics, Graph/Network Analysis, etc)
  • Relevance: Use of Geo-location data / Demographics / Psychographics

Who Should Enter?

We encourage the participation of all parties involved in Social Media, including but not limited to Digital Agencies, Advertising Agencies, PR Agencies, Marketers, Analysts, Media Owners, Brands, Industry Leaders Behind the Best Social Media Channels, Campaigns, Websites, Games, and Applications.