Data Creativity Awards

Video Category

Category Definition

I-COM defines the Video category as work that shows a creative use of data, measuring how viewers are watching video content across devices. Television accounts for 40% of ad spend globally and is in a period of rapid change, viewing is fragmenting across channels and devices with audience measurement struggling to keep up.

Qualifying entries must include data stemming from audiovisual content that was at some point broadcasted as part of its distribution, either as programming or advertising.

Category Objective

The objective of this category is to honor innovation and creativity in the design and application of new services developed to measure audiences to video content across screens in order to drive business value for content developers, content publishers, advertisers and agencies.

TV measurement differs for satellite, cable and broadcast media. Most set-top-boxes today do not record which ads have been seen by a household, although this is a reversing trend. Accordingly, most TV measurement has extrapolated from a panel of data collectors. Another difference between TV and web devices is that most web devices are used primarily by a single individual, while most large screen TVs are used by multiple people within the family. The same individual using multiple devices is often considered a distinct user for each web device. TV measurement is generally most accurate at the household level, while web device measurement is most accurate at the individual level on a particular device.

Judging & Criteria

50% of the scoring is based on the actual project results (describe ROI, Awareness, Degree of Process Improvement)

50% to the extent to which Data Creativity in Video was adopted in achieving those results.

Successful entries will address one or more of the following elements:

A. 8 General Data Creativity Elements

  • Creating New Insights From Multiple Data Sources
  • Effective and Efficient Integration of Data
  • Innovative Data Sourcing
  • Analytics Creativity
  • Using Insights To Evolve The Planning And Execution Process
  • Employing Different Marketing Sciences
  • Technology Innovation (in-house or with 3rd parties)
  • Innovative Data Visualisation

B. Elements of Data Creativity Specific to the Video Category

  • Addressing challenge of generating an in-depth profile of broad and niche TV audiences across devices
  • Cross-coordination: Targeted delivery conditional upon delivery of messages upon other media channels (incl. addressability)
  • Integrating purchasing behavior in targeting TV ads
  • Degree of innovation in measuring audiences, using the medium, measuring the effect of advertising

Who should enter?

  • TV Broadcasters Agencies
  • Marketers
  • JICs (ie. BARB)
  • Promotional Trade Associations (ie. UK Thinkbox) Research companies
  • Ad tech companies