I-COM Data Science Hackathons

Hall of Fame

The I-COM Data Science Hackathons are a Global competition, connecting the magic of Data Science with the world of marketing. We are proud to present the winners of the previous editions of the competitions.

I-COM Data Science Hackathons, Porto – 2017


Intel challenge - Tier 1

  • Analytic Partners / Red is the New Hack
  • Ebiquity

Intel challenge - Tier 2

  • Exactag 
  • Publicis Media Germany

2017 Winners

Unilever challenge - Tier 1

  • PiperLab 
  • Publicis Meda France / Viva Data

Unilever challenge - Tier 2

  • ETH Zurich University / Bootstrap's Bootstraps
  • Wunderman / Team Collision

Intel challenge

  • Tier 1: Analytic Partners - Red is the New Hack
    • Caitlin Hill - Marketing Science Analyst, Analytic Partners, USA
    • Joshua Bayne - Associate Director, Analytic Partners, USA
    • Katie DeGorter - Director, Analytic Partners, USA
    • Marcus Del Rio - Marketing Science Analyst, Analytic Partners, USA
  • Tier 2: Publicis Media Germany
    • Daniel Wagner - Head of Martech Consulting, Publicis Media,Germany
    • Jakov Mihaljevic - Senior Product Manager Data & Technology, Publicis Media, Germany
    • Laurence Phillips - Head of Precision Marketing, Starcom, Germany
    • Uwe Roschmann - Business Director, Publicis Media, Germany


Unilever challenge

  • Tier 1: PiperLab, Spain
    • Jaime Reguero - Senior Data Scientist, PiperLab, Spain
    • Luis Rodríguez - Data Scientist, PiperLab, Spain
    • María Medina Pérez - Data Scientist, PiperLab, Spain
  • Tier 2: ETH Zurich University - Bootstrap’s Bootstraps
    • Erfaan Abdi - M.Sc.Student, ETH Zurich University, Switzerland
    • Mohammad Reza Karimi Jaghargh - M.Sc.Student, ETH Zurich University, Switzerlan

The Hackathons finalists presenting at the I-COM Global Summit 2017 for the final round of judging. 

I-COM Data Science Hackathon, Madrid – 2016

Masters level  

Winner: Integral Ad Science, USA  
Sergei Izrailev - Senior Vice President, Data Science, Integral Ad Science
Jason Shaw - Director, Data Science, Integral Ad Sciene
Stefano Vegnaduzz - Senior Director, Data Science, Integral Ad Science
Hyung Joo Park - Data Scientist, Integral Ad Science

Scientist level

Winner: UC3M, Spain

Juan Miguel Carrascos - PhD Student
Luis Felipe Núñez - PhD Student
Costas Iordanou - PhD Student
Rubén Cuevas Rumín - Assistant Professor, Telematic Engineering Department, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

I-COM Data Science Hackathon, San Sebastian – 2015

The Young Millennial Category

WINNERS - Team Xaxis Millennial's.

Yvonne Xu - Senior Analyst, Performance & Measurement, Xaxis, USA

Simon Honc - Senior Data Scientist, Xaxis, Germany (Mentor)

Oliver Mitevski - Data Scientist, Xaxis, Germany

Liwei He - Manager, Programmatic Optimization APAC, Xaxis, Singapore   

The Masters Category

WINNERS -  Team Annalect.

Satindra Chakravorty – Director Analytics, Accuen The Trading Desk, USA

Derk Landes - Director of Analytics, Annalect, USA

Anna Icanorova - Data Scientist, Annalect Group, USA (Mentor)

Jon Krohn - Data Scientist, Annalect, Omnicom Group, USA 

The Hero Award

WINNER -   UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) Team.

Adrian Santos - PHD Student, University of Oulu, Finland

Javier Segovia - Professor, UPM (University Politecnica Madrid), Spain (Mentor)

Alejandro Llorente - Co Founder and Data Scientist, PiperLab S.L., Madrid and Ph.D. Student, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid