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I-COM Global Summit 2014 Seville


From Rome, we are taking the I-COM Global Summit on its fifth edition, to one of the most beautiful cities in the world — Seville, Spain.


Supported by our Patronage, the I-COM Global Summit is the preeminent international gathering of Digital's Data Champions. On March 31st - April 3rd, 2014 in Seville will be a unique opportunity for our community from around the world to work on the future of Digital Data & Measurement. In Rome, we looked at the theory of Big Data, Seville will focus on Best Practice.


Andreas Cohen, I-COM Chairman



I-COM Global Summit Overview


The I-COM Global Summit is comprised of several event segments, all held at the same venue, the five star Starwood Hotel Alfonso XIII:


  • I-COM Roundtables - Afternoon of March 31st, 2014
  • I-COM Emerging Market Regions Forum - Morning of April 1st, 2014
  • I-COM Data Creativity Awards - Morning of April 1st, 2014
  • I-COM Big Data Venture Challenge - Afternoon of April 1st, 2014
  • I-COM Knowledge Centre - Afternoon of April 1st, 2014
  • I-COM Global Summit Conference - April 2-3rd, 2014




The data doesn't need to be necessarily Big, it needs to be the right data, Smart data. With the theme, Smart Data - The Consumer Matters, the I-COM Global Summit Conference will consist of four main threads: Data, Ecosystem, Channels (Media, Retail) and Consumer. If you would like to present, kindly respond to our Call-for-Speakers. The topics are as follows:




 Smart Data - The Consumer Matters


  • Turning Big Data into commercial business decisions
  • Big Data of Retail / eCommerce -  SoLoMo meets CRM
  • Data Monetization
  • Data Visualisation & Business Intelligence Revisited
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Validation, Correction



  • Business impact of Social Media
  • Multi-Channel Attribution Management 
  • The Effects of Programmatic Trading
  • Organisational Implications of Big Data
  • The Data Driven Marketing Officer - CMO/CIO
  • The Value of the Data Scientist
  • Obtaining, Training & Retaining Talent


Channels (Media, Retail)

  • The Evolution of Digital Metrics (Viewability)
  • Multi-Screen Measurement
  • Mobile Media Measurement
  • Global vs Local approach to media
  • Multiplatform Data Standardization
  • Measuring business impact of digital content and utilities for brands



  • Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Age
  • The impact of Social TV on Measurement, Media Planning, Advertising and Digital Marketing
  • Benchmarking Privacy & Data Ownership across countries
  • Effective targeting in the consumer pathway
  • Leveraging Consumer Insights
  • Measuring the QS (Quantified Self) & IOT (Internet of Things)


If you would like to present, kindly respond to our Call-for-Speakers


Also part of I-COM Global Summit are event segments such as the:


I-COM Roundtables

Roundtables are meetings focused on a specific topic and group of attendees (10 - 30 people). They can be in Open or Private (Invitation-only) format. This is for people wanting to benchmark, collaborate and share on an international level. A Roundtable meeting typically lasts around 2 to 4 hours and takes place in the afternoon of March 31st. Meetings can be however customized depending on participant needs. Currently, we are taking proposals for Roundtable sessions. If you would like to suggest a Roundtable, kindly answer our Call-for-Roundtables.


I-COM Data Creativity Awards

The I-COM will hold the 2nd edition of the Data Creativity Awards to acknowledge the individuals, teams and companies who have been the most creative & innovative in leveraging data to create new insights that drive efficiency & opportunity.



I-COM Knowledge Centre

The place to find out the latest brief updates on major topics on innovation and technology in Marketing Data and Measurement.





I-COM Big Data Venture Challenge

The I-COM will also hold the 2nd edition of the Big Data Venture Challenge. This is a startup competiton, showcasing the top Data-Driven startups from around the world with Data / Measurement solutions for the Digital Marketing Industry.



I-COM Emerging Market Regions Forum

Founded in Rome, I-COM continues its focus on the common Digital Data & Measurement challenges of the four emerging market regions: APAC (Asia Pacific), CEE (Central & Eastern Europe), Ibero-America (Iberia, LATAM & US Hispanics) & MEA (Middle East North Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa). 


Call-for-Speakers has been announced for the following topics:


  • Data Innovation by Leapfrogging
  • Addressing Social Media Measurement issues with non-Western languages
  • Emerging Market Solutions for Mobile Media Measurement
  • Audience Buying in a World of No Audience Data
  • Addressing Emerging Market Measurement Challenges & Opportunities
  • The Rising Importance of Transnational Markets
  • The Future of Online Audience Measurement
  • Choosing the right market approach to structure Audience Measurement, Web Analytics & Auditing
  • Creating Brand Safe Markets



If you would like to present, kindly respond to our Call-for-Speakers.  


To register for the Global Summit, kindly click here

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