I-COM Data Science Hackathon

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Important Dates 

Application deadline for DSH 2018 Teams March 16, 2018
I-COM Data Science Hackathon 2018 April 6 - 8, 2018
Awards Ceremony: I-COM Global Summit April 10, 2018

If your company is interested or considering to enter a team, please, let us know already now.

We will kindly invite a representative(s) of your company to join the DSH Teams Committee where we will inform about the latest updates on the I-COM Data Science Hackathon Challenges, data, judging criteria and other important points, as well as answer open questions and receive feedback.

If you would like to join the DSH 2018 competition as a participant, your company cannot be a DSH 2018 sponsor at the same time.

Who can Enter?

The I-COM Data Science Hackathon is aimed at companies and universities active in Data Science as well as Students entering independently. For entrants, there are two different tiers to choose from:

Tier 1 Team comprised of Master Scientists Seasoned scientists that have advanced skills in Data Science
Tier 2 Team comprised of Scientists (incl. Mentors)
Student(s) entering independently
Entrants with a limited amount of experience in Data Science

Entrants can be from any company engaged in marketing, any university with qualifying applicants or a joint team comprised of the two above categories. Students can also enter, independently. Teams up to 4 people are allowed. 

Why Enter?

◆ To resolve cutting edge Marketing problems for Brands, while motivating and training your talent

◆To foster problem-solving and risk-taking in a non-corporate and entrepreneurial environment

◆ To activate existing relationships with universities and get early access to some of the brightest minds in Data Science

◆ To differentiate your brand on Data Science

◆ To achieve recognition in the Data Science area

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