I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2018



With the Data Science Hackathons (DSH), I-COM pioneered the first public CMO-focused global competition, connecting the magic of Data Science with the world of Marketing.

The I-COM Data Science Hackathons focus on solving real problems and achieving results, often accelerating to outcomes that normally take months of work to achieve or replicate.

It is a 24-hour marathon where competing teams develop algorithms using data science analytics to solve predictive modeling challenges on marketers' datasets. 

In 2018, the 4th edition of the I-COM Data Science Hackathons feature 2 challenges sponsored by Intel and Lufthansa.

The 2018 Intel Challenge

"What are the effective marketing strategies including digital, social, or other, that drive a brand’s leadership in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space?" 
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The 2018 Lufthansa Challenge

"What could be the new KPIs for marketing communication (besides the ones on a contribution level towards revenue & growth) to reflect marketing's effect on the digital strength of Lufthansa in the Airline Industry?”
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Challenge Leadership
Providers of Data

Call for Data

Your company can provide relevant data for teams to solve the DSH Challenges. In DSH 2017, Google, Kantar Media, Kantar Millward Brown, Kantar Shopcom, NPD, Twitter and YouGov were Data Sponsors; and in 2018 you can join this group of leading data providers.


Enter a Team

If your company is interested or considering to enter a team, please, let us know already now. In 2017, 21 teams participated in the Hackathons, with 74 hackers representing 25 companies and three universities from 12 countries.

The Mission

Through the Data Science Hackathons, I-COM is offering brands a unique opportunity to unlock new and creative approaches to crack business problems using Data Science while accelerating development time, reducing risk at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional internal approaches and getting fresh perspectives and insights to solving business challenges. We attract very diverse groups of teams that come together to be challenged, taking their range of skills and expertise and applying it to the business.