I-COM Global Summit Roundtables: Registration

The I-COM Global Summit Roundtables will take place on Monday, April 24 from 15.30 to 17.30.  

Each Roundtable delves into a specific topic and provides the opportunity for focused discussion and debate – they are also an excellent way to network even more.  

The Roundtables are held in 2 x 1hr Sessions:

-   Session 1 from 15.30 to 16.30
-   Session 2 from 16.30 to 17.30

You may choose to attend two Roundtable sessions by selecting:

- One Roundtable Topic from Session 1 (15.30 to 16.30)
- One Roundtable Topic from Session 2 (16.30 to 17.30)

Session 1 - 15:30 to 16:30

Roundtable Title: Can we replace traditional Consumer Surveys with Social Media conversation tracking?

Problem Definition: Consumer Surveys can sometimes be expensive to run and take longer than Social Media listening. However, Consumer Surveys provide richer respondent data and thereby, richer insights.

What are the top 5 things companies need to do to be able to replace traditional Consumer Surveys with Social Media conversation tracking?

Roundtable Objective: To identify the top 5 things companies need to do to be able to replace traditional Consumer Surveys with Social Media conversation tracking?

Roundtable Chair: Rob Key - CEO, Converseon
Roundtable Co-Chair: TBA

Who Should Attend: Anyone can attend

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Roundtable Title: Combining Passive Listening with Active Surveying to Uncover Correlation Between Consumers' Opinions and Decisions and Digital Behavior

Problem Definition: There is a tradeoff when aiming to uncover user behavior. Do you sacrifice scale for precision? Is a small panel of rich users representative enough to speak for your entire audience? As marketers and digital insights specialists, do we focus on extracting what we can from those users that can give us deep insights, or do we build models to extract knowledge but based on digital signatures and at scale?

How do we combine the best of both worlds to enrich data and insights to drive decision-making?

Roundtable Objective: The group will deal with uncovering the issues and opportunities with both disciplines and strategies. We will discuss opinions and best practices for uncovering insights and behaviors from digital users.

Roundtable Chair: Ron Pick - Director of Data Management, SimilarWeb
Roundtable Co-Chair: Oliver Pischke - Global Digital Director, Kantar Media

Who Should Attend:

Analytics and Digital Insight Specialists
Chief Data Officers and Data Analysts
Market Researchers
Data collection agencies
Analytics companies & representatives

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Roundtable Title: Data Sweet Spots and Inescapable Side Factors

Problem Definition: The world of Data is vast. There is an immense variety of data out there and a bigger number of applications. Each of us are making our own experiences with different data sets, under various conditions to meet a range of goals in a vast and constantly growing world of data - with inventory sources, data types and side factors to be considered. It is truly difficult for any one individual to perfect the navigation of this terrain. It is a classic scenario that invites a fruitful exchange of ideas and for professionals to go home smarter.

Roundtable Objective(s): Guided by an experienced industry leader and a Certified Systemic Coach, we want to use this Roundtable to summon our collective experiences of various kinds of data in different settings and with diverse objectives to draw a clear picture of where data has produced the best results and under what conditions. Apart from providing overview and insight, we seek to spark new ideas from all participants that can be further explored over the course of the Summit.

Roundtable Chair: Oliver Kanders - Director Market Building Zeotap & Certified Systemic Coach
Roundtable Co-Chair: Alain Sanjaume - Advisor for European Market Entry & Ex-Managing Director, eXelate Europe

Who Should Attend: Anyone who wants to draw upon the collective expertise of I-COM Members in a personal and interactive setting to identify Sweet Spots and the conditions to create them in the world of Data.

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Roundtable Title: Driving Action from Data Driven Insights

Problem Definition: Many organisations have data driven insights or learnings from analytics, but they are not always put into action / incorporated within marketing planning.

Roundtable Objective: The group will discuss the challenges when working to drive 'buy in' and integrate with planning. Best practices and opportunities to ensure insights are actioned will be the key objectives.

Roundtable Chair: Nancy Smith - President and CEO, Analytic Partners
Roundtable Co-Chair: Dorit Posdorf, Head of Consumer Insights & Analytics, C&A Mode GmbH & Co. KG

Who Should Attend: Marketers and advertisers who want to drive action from their insights.

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Roundtable Title: Meet the Startups

Problem Definition: The Finalists of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge will be attending the I-COM Global Summit. This Roundtable provides the opportunity to meet the Startups face-to-face, to discuss and debate specific aspects of their presentations and businesses, identify areas of common interest to all parties.

Roundtable Chair: Mark Silva - Founder & CEO, Kite Solutions
Roundtable Co-Chair: Jeremy Basset - Founder & CEO, CO:CUBED

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Roundtable Title: Multi-Touch Attribution: Challenges + Best Practices

Problem Definition: Many brands and agencies struggle with digital multi-touch attribution. This roundtable will focus on the challenges and best practices for addressing them. Insights and takeaways will be incorporated into a forthcoming whitepaper on Attribution Best Practices.

Roundtable Objective: Educate attendees on best practices for digital multi-touch attribution

Roundtable Chair: Steve Latham - GM Encore Attribution, Flashtalking
Roundtable Co-Chair: Michael Shoen - VP Marketing Services, Neustar Inc.

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Roundtable Title: Somewhere Between a Human and a Machine: AI in Advertising

Problem Definition:

The term AI is gaining steam. It is being used abundantly in the Ad industry nowadays, without properly placing in the context. Moreover, AI being used to define everything from creation to process to delivery to impact.

This roundtable will focus on understanding the what AI means for Advertising, specifically addressing the following during the roundtable:

  • Myth or reality — how industry views AI
  • What AI is and what it is not — defining when and how to refer AI in context
  • The science of AI - possibilities and limitations
  • What it means for Data Science or Scientists - preparing for the next phase

Roundtable Objective:

Key takeaways from roundtable for the I-COM Data Science Board are:

  • Clearly define the premise of AI in Advertising from Data Science perspective, and setting a consenting view, definition
  • How I-COM DS board can contribute future directions, strategic visions and training with the definitions
  • Other related and relevant issues that the board must consider

Who Should Attend:

Open to delegates who are responsible for strategic leadership within their organizations

Roundtable Chair: Claudia Perlich, PhD, Chief Scientist, Distillery
Roundtable Co-Chair: Youmna Borghol, PhD - Head of Data Science, Choueiri Group, UAE

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Roundtable Title: The Value of Private Data Marketplaces

Problem Definition: Because of the amount of data available in the marketplace, the industry is seeing a lot of poor quality data. Marketers/brands/agencies want to ensure the data they buy is as relevant and high quality as it possibly can be. How do they add scale to their 1st party data? Can they trust 3rd party data? For publishers sitting on a wealth of 1st party data, how can they better monetize it?

Roundtable Objective(s):

  • What are the mechanisms of sharing and selling data?
  • How should you price your data? What is the real cost of the data you're buying?
  • Who is a good data partner?
  • What is the value of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data?
  • What should you look for in a private data marketplace/exchange?
  • How do you broker relationships between data sellers and data buyers?
  • Where and how do I find the right data?

Roundtable Chair: Alex Sibois - Managing Director, APAC, Lotame
Roundtable Co-Chair: Matt Harty - SVP Asia Pacific, The Trade Desk

Who Should Attend:

  • Any region
  • Marketers/brands, agencies and publishers
  • All vertical

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Session 2 - 16:30 to 17:30

Roundtable Title: Analysing the Effectiveness and Scale of Opt-In Email and 1st Party Online Data

Problem Definition: Should you use separate channels to activate to achieve their best performance?
Which dataset is more valuable?
How do you scale one over the other?

Roundtable Objective(s): Best ways to utilize opt-in email and online data. What international regulation limitations exist that limits the usage. Which dataset is more valuable and why? How would this differ based on county regulations?

Roundtable Chair: John-Alistair George - SVP Audience & Business Analytics, Cadreon
Roundtable Co-Chair: TBA

Who Should Attend: Region - International, Clients with large datasets, Title of VP and higher

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Roundtable Title: Emotion Analytics in Modern Marketing: What Drives Marketing Performance.

Problem Definition: Video content is becoming a domineering channel in marketing communication. However, a race to produce as much video content as possible leads to something what Marc Pritchard defined as a 'crap trap'. It refers to the modern-day phenomenon whereby marketers try to stay competitive by producing volumes of content for every platform. This deluge often leads to a compromise on quality. At the same time, a creatively strong video is able to influence consumers' buying decisions. But what kind of video is that? This is a video that manages to engage with a viewer emotionally. Emotional measurement technology allows us to measure emotional engagement and thus, determine what kind of creative leads to marketing and more broadly, business success.

Roundtable Objective(s):

  • To establish and explain what "emotion analytics" mean
  • To discuss the place of emotion analytics in the traditional marketing process
  • To see and discuss examples of creative with strong emotional connection
  • To discuss how emotional engagement with a video indicates future sales
  • To identify key consumers of emotion analytics

Roundtable Chair: Mihkel Jäätma - CEO, Realeyes
Roundtable Co-Chair: Shubu Mitra - Founder and CEO, Agile Measurement

Who Should Attend:

  • Creative agencies
  • Media Planners
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Brand Managers
  • Research agencies
  • Heads of Insight
  • Social Media Managers

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Roundtable Title: Innovation in Digital Data Activation in Programmatic – Bid Enrichment

Problem Definition: Data is now (or should be) front-of-mind for all marketers. It is how a marketer defines and identifies an audience of interest It is an integral part of today's media buying process and will only grow in importance as programmatic purchasing, continues to increase globally. But high-quality, reliable data is hard to come by – much of it is aggregated, repurposed and not interesting or rich.

There are data rich companies that are able to provide unique data assets that would provide true value to media buying decisions. However, many of these companies are hesitant to take part in the media process. Data owners have little feedback regarding the use, effectiveness or actual value of their data assets.

Given the complex challenges around sharing and integrating data in a fragmented and disconnected environment, it is difficult to achieve scale and position data effectively.

There are challenges to both real-time and forward trading of audience data across planning, activating and measurement.

Roundtable Objective:Discuss the Idea of Bid Enrichment – a new way of introducing valuable data into the programmatic ecosystem via the existing RTB pipes. - as a way to benefit all actors in the Media Buying Ecosystem through:

  • Secure Data Activation for data owners
  • Incremental Revenue for data owners
  • Access to high-quality audience data at scale for Advertisers
  • Increased yield for publishers

Roundtable Chair: Shane Shevlin - General Manager EMEA, IPONWEB
Roundtable Co-Chair: Daniel Heer - CEO/Co-Founder, zeotap

Who Should Attend: Data Companies, Agencies, Brands & Advertisers, Chief Data Officers

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Roundtable Title: People Based Marketing - The Way Measurement Should Be Done

Problem Definition: The ROI of digital marketing is difficult to measure because consumers use multiple devices when they shop online, and the majority of purchases occur in-store. By onboarding purchase data into media or measurement platforms, you can tie back to the consumer for a single customer view.

Roundtable Objective: Educate on why offline consumer behaviour is important, explore the challenges on why cross channel measurement is hard and learn how to use onboarding to power measurement.

Roundtable Chair: Richard Foster - Managing Director, LiveRamp
Roundtable Co-Chair: TBA

Who Should Attend: Heads of Digital, CMOs, CRM Managers

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Roundtable Title: Predictive Analytics: How to Navigate New Rules, Risks, and Opportunities Leading to New Data Governance and Organisation

Problem Definition: In the era of big data and in a time of emerging capabilities around predictive analytics, descriptive and diagnostic analytics are not enough anymore. Large organisations will have to face a fundamental transformation. Predictive analytics does not only bring a new type of data or information; it adds a new dimension. Like going from 2D to 3D, by adding the future into the big (data) picture, you change your perspective and your mindset when you need to make decision.

This shift requires much more change than just new technology - it also demands changes in organisation, risk management, governance and in teams' collaboration framework. In this roundtable, we will discuss with the group the following topics in the context of use cases we have observed: 1 - The impact of predictive analytics on analytics organisations (new use cases; new skills; new processes and responsibilities; and new tools like automation, data science, etc.) 2 - Best practices for building a data culture that can harness this new nature of data (including risks, benefits, control, collaboration, etc.)

Roundtable Objective: Build a common understanding of pitfalls and lessons learned when engaging in predictive analytics at scale

Roundtable Chair: Muehmel Kurt - VP Business Development EMEA, Dataiku
Roundtable Co-Chair: TBA

Who Should Attend: Head of Analytics, Customer Insights, etc.

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Roundtable Title: Privacy, Data Privacy, Science of Data Privacy - drawing a line on sand

Problem Definition:

Privacy in a broader sense and data privacy in specific terms have been a critical issue of concern in our industry. Despite whole sleuths of the regulatory measures, data security and self-governance in place, most of the practitioners are not well informed to deal with the privacy-related issues dealing with individual data (anonymous or not).

In the roundtable, we will focus on Data privacy issues from a data science perspective focusing on:

  • who owns the data — public, private, enterprise; first-party, third-party and in between
  • What are private data — in a hyper-connected world always on devices
  • The adverse effects — unknowns of the world and data security
  • Science, self-governance, and ethics
  • {Relevance of Blockchain as a topic}

Roundtable Objective:

Key takeaways from roundtable for the I-COM Data Science Board are:

  • How the Data Science community be involved in contributing to preserving individual privacy — self-governance and ethical choices
  • Deciding on the topics of scientific approaches to data privacy and contribution of DS board to the thought leadership
  • Discussions of Blockchain as part of ongoing forum — yes/no

Who Should Attend:

Open to ALL industry professionals and I-COM delegates

Roundtable Chair: Kajal Mukhopadhyay, Managing Director and Managing Partner, Marketing Sciences, Mindshare New York
Roundtable Co-Chair: TBA

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