I-COM Smart Data Awards

The Smart Data Awards showcase a company's overall ability in Marketing Data, identifying the most data savvy Agencies, Research Providers and Marketing Technology Companies. The winner is decided by combining the results from the I-COM Data Creativity Awards and the I-COM Data Science Hackathon, so companies must have taken part in both of these Awards in order to have a chance of winning. 

The Smart Data Awards serve as a guide for brands to see who is pushing the needle of progress and who can help them build a dream team for their ecosystem, which is critical to win the data game. The winners are announced during the Gala Awards Dinner at the I-COM Global Summit.

Award Categories

◆ Marketing Technology Company of the Year Award
◆ Smart Data Agency of the Year Award
◆ Smart Data Agency Network of the Year Award.

How to Participate

If you are interested in winning this prestigious award, your company would need to submit an entry to participate in both I-COM Data Creativity Awards and I-COM Data Science Hackathon. The Smart Data awards cannot be entered outside of this process.  

2017 Winners

◆ Smart Data Marketing Technology Company of the Year 2017 - IBM Watson
◆ Smart Data Agency of the Year 2017 - Analytic Partners
◆ Smart Data Agency Network of the Year 2017 - Publicis Media

I-COM Smart Data Awards Jury 2017

◆ Francesco Marzoni - VP, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Bayer, Switzerland
◆ Gema Reig - CMO, AXA GLOBAL DIRECT, Spain
Juan Luis Uslar - Associate Brand Director, Global eCRM & Europe Brand Operations at Procter & Gamble, Switzerland
◆ John Thekanady - Former Global Digital Media Director, McDonald's, UK


For every category, the winner will be the one with the highest aggregate score from both the Data Creativity Awards and Data Science Hackathon. For the Data Science Hackathon, we add the entry with the highest score. For the Data Creativity Awards, in the case of multiple entries by the same agency, we add the points from the highest scoring entry and in addition, for each additional entry in the Official Selection, we will add a 0.1 point to the total scoring to acknowledge them.


ABC UK has once again been engaged to independently cross-check and verify the results.  Starting with the 5th edition of the competition for Porto 2017, I-COM proudly added this additional control measure, to audit all the steps of the judging process in each round of both competitions, providing transparency and accuracy to the final results.

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