Alison Lohse - Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Conversion Logic, USA

Alison Lohse is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Conversion Logic. Alison spent the last 16 years focused on digital strategy for a number of Fortune 100 companies across many industries including telecom, retail, travel, B2B, CPG and tech.

Her expertise and focus on client service, advanced analytics, media planning and optimization lends Alison a unique ability to drive digital strategies that scale brands helping them reach a wider audience. Cutting her teeth on digital starting in 2000, she worked across the interactive media practices at Starcom IP, then Avenue A, Razorfish and SMG with a focus on sophisticated media buying through analytics and optimization.

Most recently, Alison was the Regional VP of Visual IQ, Chicago where she worked with Conversion Logic’s CEO, Trevor Testwuide. Alison earned a MA from the University of Manchester (UK) and holds a degree in art history from Lawrence University.