Andrew Grill - Global Managing Partner, IBM Social Consulting and TEDx & Keynote Presenter, UK

Andrew Grill is the Global Partner, Social Business at IBM. Based in London, Andrew is an internationally renowned thought leader in the fields of social business and social media. Currently, Andrew is a Global Partner with IBM and leads the European social business consulting practice. Andrew is also a regular, and sought after conference presenter on digital, social, and mobile technologies and is the founder and editor of one of the world’s leading social business websites,

Previously, Andrew was CEO of leading social influence platform Kred, where he took an unknown brand and platform to become the major challenger in the social influence space in a few short months. Prior to Kred, Andrew was Head of International Client Strategy for Visible Technologies where he grew the European operations from a standing start into a multi-million dollar business in 18 months. Andrew’s commercial experience comes as a result of his role as CEO of Australia’s largest commercial property website, PropertyLook.