Craig Stacey - Research Director, The Center for Measurable Marketing, NYU, USA

Craig Stacey, PhD is Research Director at The Center for Measurable Marketing, USA. Craig is a recognized expert in the area of marketing productivity analysis with a special emphasis on marketing mix modeling and online versus offline marketing resource allocation. He currently serves as Research Director for NYU's Stern Center for Measurable Marketing. He is also the founding partner of The Marketing Productivity Group and previously served as Partner and Analytics Director for MarketShare Partners.

Prior to joining MSP, he was Managing Partner at ACG Solutions and Industry Liaison for Emory University's Zyman Institute of Brand Science. He was previously employed as Director of Marketing Science for The Coca-Cola Company and as Vice President of Marketing Science at DemandTec. He has also served as Senior Vice President, Analytic Product Management and Development, at Information Resources, Inc. Craig received his Ph.D. in Marketing and Statistics from the University of Alabama in 1992, where he specialized in econometric applications of marketplace data.