David Zhu - Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Allyes Online Media, China

David Zhu is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Allyes Online Media Holding Limited but he still keeps his shareholdings in the company. Allyes is a leading online advertising service provider in China, offering technology solutions,advertising network marketing (both supply side and demand side), online advertising agency and media research services.  

Prior to Allyes Online, he was the Executive Vice President of Focus Media, China's largest digital outdoor advertising group (Nasdaq:FMCN). Mr. Zhu joined Focus Media in 2007 following its acquisition of Allyes AdNetwork, where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Zhu joined Allyes since its founding in 2000 and has had increasing responsibilities as the company's Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer at the end of 2001. Mr. Zhu led the company to the No. 1 position in China's online advertising industry.