Florian Peter - Europe CEO, Mandalah, Germany

Florian Peter is the CEO of Mandalah Europe. He is an entrepreneurial innovation consultant and speaker with a flair for spotting and interpreting emerging business trends. Berlin native, Florian holds a degree in International Business from the European School of Business in London, UK and Reutlingen, Germany.

He started his career at the digital agency Pixelpark in Berlin, moved to NYC in 1998 to launch a magazine and oversaw the transition to digital. Florian then launched market research and trends consultancy CScout in 2002 which worked for a wide range of Fortune 500 companies in the tech, telecommunications, consumer goods and automotive sector such as Fujitsu, T-Mobile, SK-Telecom and BMW. During a global project for GM on Sustainable Urban Mobility, Florian met Mandalah. Florian merged CScout into Mandalah in 2012 and led the New York City office until moving to Berlin to become head of Mandalah Europe in July 2013.