Hannu Verkasalo - CEO, Verto Analytics, USA

Dr. Hannu Verkasalo is the CEO of Verto Analytics Inc. and is a successful digital entrepreneur. He founded, built and sold several companies in the digital and mobile space, and advised more than 20 different ventures across the US and Europe over the past years. He holds presence in both Europe (UK/Finland) and US (NYC). His previous company, Zokem, the first and foremost player in the mobile media measurement, was acquired by Arbitron Inc. in 2011. Hannu continued as SVP and the head of mobile and Internet at Arbitron (publicly listed in NYC), and built the company's presence to span across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North/Latin America. Arbitron was later acquired by Nielsen Inc. Hannu has invested in or advised a number of start-ups operating around analytics (e.g. Metrify), research (e.g. Innopinion), consumer electronics (Ceruus) and mobile/media industries (e.g. Bitbar), and currently provides both financial and advisory support specifically in business acceleration and development activities, using his wide contact network and public image as his key asset. - See more at: http://www.i-com.org/dvc-board-jury-2015/#sthash.QBst6lgq.dpuf