Jason Carmel - Chief Data Officer, Possible, USA

Jason Carmel is the Chief Data Officer at Possible.

With more than 14 years of digital product and marketing experience, Jason has worked with clients such as Coca Cola, Ford, and Microsoft to evolve digital experiences based on real-time feedback and behavioral data. Jason manages a global team of 100 digital analysts who use traditional and unconventional data sets and models to help brands connect more effectively with their customers.

Jason spearheaded the creation of POSSIBLE’s Empathy Model, which translates the raw, unstructured content of social media into a quantitative understanding of what customers are actually feeling about a given topic, event, or brand. Jason’s team has used this on behalf of clients such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft and AT&T with double digit engagement lifts.

Jason has worked to expand the common perception of what a data team is at an agency. His work has pushed the role of data science beyond a purely reporting function and into the realm of actively influencing creative design. Jason has been a strong proponent of diversity in what has historically been a one dimensional data science industry. His Marketing Sciences team is 60% female, and half of the leadership roles in his organization are held by women.