Lewis Lenssen - SVP of Strategic Initiatives, Rakuten Marketing, UK

Lewis Lenssen is Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Rakuten Marketing. He has broad experience in digital marketing and building successful technology businesses. Lewis joined Rakuten Attribution (formerly DC Storm) in 2010 as Commercial Director and masterminded the company’s growth strategy. He was instrumental in refocusing the company on direct customer relationships and on marketing measurement. 

Previously, he founded and built the search agency, Netizen Digital, as well as providing consulting services around social media and PR to fashion and luxury brands. With extensive experience in digital marketing delivery, measurement and valuation, Lewis has a deep understanding of the role that channels play in the marketing mix and how to measure campaign performance. 

In his role as SVP of Strategic Initiatives Lewis has global responsibility for developing new product and service propositions based on Rakuten Marketing’s unique combination of high performance media and customer service excellence.