Macarena Estevez - CEO & Founder, Conento, Spain

Macarena Estevez is the CEO and Founder of Conento, a consulting firm assisting clients in making strategic analytical decisions, through the formulation of mathematical models, with a number of unique mathematical algorithms and with the development of computer applications.

In recent years, Macarena's professional career has focused on the creation, leadership and management of an outstanding team of professionals with a multidisciplinary profile, highly involved in projects with main global companies, always committed with the principles of responsibility, generosity, honesty and customized solutions, which govern daily activities.

Macarena is the founder of Smartek Data Driven Marketing and serves on the Advisory Board of Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership.

Macarena has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics (Autonomous University of Madrid), an MBA from ESDEN Business School, Madrid, majoring in Marketing and a PhD in Statistics and Econometrics (University Carlos III of Madrid).

You can find Macarena on her personal blog - Inteligencia Analitica.