Maclean Struthers - Head of Paid of Media, Targeting & Big Data, APCO Worldwide, USA

Maclean Struthers is the Head of Paid Media, Targeting and Big Data in APCO Worldwide’s Washington, D.C. office. Under his leadership, clients have achieved the most successful and innovative strategies in the market today.

Maclean has ten years of experience in online advertising and is responsible for developing strategies to help clients identify and reach their online audiences using online media. Using big data to provide data-driven solutions for clients, he has worked directly with publishers, supply-side-platforms, and demand-side-platforms to pinpoint the right message to the right audience at the right time. Maclean’s digital skill-set varies widely from, social media, video, mobile, search, and display.

Before joining the APCO team, Maclean was Managing Director for FrankingGrid, a full-service digital advertising agency for members of Congress, where he was responsible for digital strategy and maintaining relationship for over 70 members of Congress. Prior to FrankingGrid, Maclean was Director of Operations for Audience Partners, a leading provider of data-driven interactive advertising and direct marketing solutions, where he managed key campaigns from national to local levels.