Matt Ariker - Global COO, Partner Consumer Marketing Analytics Center, McKinsey & Company, USA

Matt Ariker is the Chief Operating Officer and Partner of Consumer Marketing Analytics Center (CMAC) at McKinsey & Company.

Matt is a Senior Expert and Chief Operating Officer of the Consumer Marketing Analytics Center (CMAC) with McKinsey & Company’s Marketing & Sales Practice in San Francisco. Matt brings significant experience in CRM advanced transactional analytics, campaign delivery systems, performance management & organization design & deployment. He has in-depth technical expertise regarding Big Data analytics, enterprise wide data warehousing, data management, business intelligence, application development.

Examples of client work Matt has lead:

- Design, implementation, and run an Enterprise Wide Big Data Center Of Excellence across multiple countries inclusive of Decision Governance, Big Data Assurance, Org. Design, Use case development, and deployment to accelerate revenue capture and profitability

- Predicting client behavior and strengthening core business using real time advanced analytics (NPTB), syndication and front line integration to improve the customer experience and profitability concurrently

- Helping clients leverage their data as a revenue generating asset for third parties, building out a separate Insights as a Service Company.

Most recently, Matt was the Senior Vice President of the Customer Base Management, CRM Life Cycle Management, Advanced Analytics, Loyalty, Retention, Revenue Generation and Enterprise Wide Data Warehouse at Rogers Communications - Canada's leading wireless telecom, cable, media, banking company - where he built Large Scale Model & Insight Factories delivering $500MM+ in Value.

Matt holds degrees in Economics & Psychology from Duke University. Matt has earned multiple awards during his career including: Black Pearl Publishing Awards, CMA Gold Awards, Speech Analytics Innovator of the Year, KXEN Big Data Innovator of the Year, and received an Emmy for Live TV Mobile Broadcasting in 2001. He is a noted speaker on Advanced Analytics, Big Data and Innovation, and published in: Forbes, Business Insider, Harvard Business Review, etc.