Melis Ertem - Country Director, MMA, Turkey ; New Business Development Director, Mr.Lama Studios, Turkey

Melis Ertem is the Country Director of MMA and the New Business Development Director at Mr.Lama Studios.

She is a Telecommunications Industry Professional with Mobile Marketing, Consumer Services and Business Development Experience for 15 years.

Melis built the Mobile Marketing & Advertising Division within Turkcell and expanded the Mobile Marketing Business from $1million in 2005 to $100million in 2010. Moreover, she coordinated the building of mobile advertising permission databases, which is the largest and richest of all operator databases with 12,5 million subscribers. 

From November 2010 until March 2013, Melis managed Consumer Product Marketing with 4 major product categories: Telco & Emerging Services, Music & Social Media Services, Media & Infotainment Services, Interactive Services and Applications and also the Content Provisioning Team. She also led the acquisition of music search & listen web site by the end of 2010, managed license issues with Music NGO’s and acted as GM until end of 2011.

Since March 2013, Melis is providing Digital / Mobile Marketing Consultancy Services for Operators as expert consultant in various teams & Execution for Agencies and Brands who are trying to activate or excel their mobile marketing capabilities, or reach the right audience through mobile.

Since 2007, she is also the co-founding member of MMA EMEA, represented Turkcell in the executive board, and served as member of the GSMA Mobile Advertising Metrics Committee from 2008. She was also elected as MMA GLOBAL and EMEA chairperson in 2011, where she continued her role as MMA GLOBAL and EMEA chair emeritus for 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Melis is evangelizing Mobile Marketing classes in Galatasaray, Kadir Has, Bilgi & Boğaziçi Universities.

Studied in Istanbul at Galatasaray French High School, had her bachelor’s degree from Galatasaray University and had her MBA in Paris at Panthéon – Sorbonne / Dauphine Universities.