Neal Richter - CTO, Rakuten Marketing, USA

Neal Richter manages the Rakuten Marketing global technology team responsible for building high-scale web systems, data-mining algorithms and data-visualization products. The teams’s goal is to create relevant and effective data-driven products to drive significant bottom line and client value. Neal also oversees the data science team, responsible for the integration of data and platform learning via AI and machine learning.

Prior to Rakuten Marketing, Neal worked as a consultant at Hebbian Labs, where he oversaw data science and engineering issues for both startups and large companies. He was a major contributor to the development of the OpenRTB protocol and associated standards within the IAB Tech Lab. Neal was recently the CTO/Chief Scientist at the Rubicon Project, a pioneer in automated advertising, and RightNow Tech a CRM vendor.  

Neal holds ten patents and has published more than fifteen academic papers.