Pat Pellegrini - President and CEO, Vividata, Canada

Pat Pellegrini is the President and Chief Research Officer at Simmons Research.

Pat joined Experian in 2014 as Chief Research Officer where he was responsible for maintaining the highest data quality and research standards in the industry, and developing improved approaches to consumer insights measurement. Pat’s team now includes data collection and quality, data management, statistical services & measurement science, custom research, product management, sales & client services for North America.

Prior to joining Experian, Pat was the EVP, Media & Entertainment and Digital Market Intelligence at GfK Custom Research NA where he led these two teams in maintaining thought leadership and driving innovation in digital research.

Previously, Pat was VP, Content & Product Management at The Weather Network, and VP International Research at comScore where he helped develop the next generation of online measurement. Pat has presented renowned and award-winning papers at conferences around the world, including a study on new passive media measurement technology.

Pat holds a Ph.D. in Geography from the State University of New York at Buffalo, a M.Sc. in Geography from McMaster University, and an Honours B.A. in Geography from McMaster University.