René Dechamps - Analytics Senior Director-Global Digital Sales, BBVA, Spain

After being an Entrepreneur working on agency/consultancy side all his professional life, René Dechamps Otamendi is now on client side at BBVA Global Digital Sales, were he's Analytics Senior Director supporting on Digital Analytics the different subsidiaries of BBVA worldwide.

Prior to joining BBVA, René was Director of Data Science and Analytics at Neo@Ogilvy in Madrid where he built a team of specialists to support the Agency and its clients stitching data together to make it actionable. Addicted to the internet since 1995, he started working in the Digital sector in 2001. René launched his first agency specialized in Analytics in Belgium in 2003, which he successfully sold it in 2008 to Digitas-LBi.

He has been involved in different companies while supporting the Analytics community mainly through teaching and the Digital Analytics Association where he served as Country Manager and Globalization Co-Chair among other positions. In 2015 René joined I-COM as Vice-Chair for Spain, then he was appointed member of the Data Science Hackathon Board and the I-COM Global Board. 

René is married to Aurélie Pols, an Analytics and Privacy recognized specialist, and has two children. He devotes some of his time to his two other passions: Lego and cooking, taking refuge in the kitchen to experiment and switch off for a while from the digital world.