Richard Foan - Group Executive Director, Communication and Innovation, ABC Group, UK

Richard Foan is Group Executive Director, Communication and Innovation in ABC Group, UK.

Richard Foan joined ABC in 1984 and was appointed Deputy Chief Executive in 1992. In 1996, in response to the evolving 'new media' sector, Richard was asked by ABC Council (major publishers, agencies and advertisers and their trade bodies) to create a new company - ABCe - to deliver industry agreed standards as a basis for certifying electronic media. He is actively involved in key initiatives that will help deliver professionalism for electronic media as an effective communications channel and promote the importance of accountability.

Richard is currently Chairman of the global IFABC Web Standards Group and Chairman of JICWEBS (Joint Industry for Web Standards in the UK and Ireland). ABCe is the industry owned, not-for-profit organisation which provides independently verified traffic and related data across a broad range of new media platforms. ABCe has now delivered standardised certification for electronic media such as websites, email, SMS, iTV and WAP, as well as key initiatives such as IASH, COUNTER, IAB Adserving Standards, in many countries – global standards for local markets.