Saqib Mausoof - Chief Data Strategist, IPG Mediabrands, USA

Saqib Mausoof is the Chief Data Strategist at IPG Mediabrands. Previously he was the EVP Global Programmatic Insights at Cadreon, a specialized digital marketing services platform that integrates technology, data, inventory and human intelligence to reach and manage the most profitable audiences for their clients. Cadreon is part of IPG Mediabrands.

Saqib is a seasoned digital analytics practitioner and has over 14 years of experience in developing measurement & learning plans that advise media strategy and campaign optimization.

Saqib has worked for Magna Global as the SVP, Programmatic. Prior to Magna Global, he also served as SVP of programmatic Insights for Cadreon which is focused on delivering audiences through programmatic buying and premium inventory for clients like Chrysler, Sony and J&J. Saqib served as VP, Strategy & Enablement at RAPP. Before transitioning to the agency side, he worked at Ad & Publisher Networks like Tribal Fusion, IAC’ and Adzilla where he led the analytical service offerings.

Saqib has a degree in Electrical engineering from University of Kansas and resides in San Francisco.