Stella Voutsina - Chief Technology Officer, MDC Media Partners & Co-Founder, Partner-Technology, Born AI, USA

Stella serves as Senior Executive at one of the largest media groups in the world and has helped win several new business and new global clients for MDC’s client portfolio. Stella is a subject matter expert on the role of Digital Media in Advertising, Digital Operations and the future of the Internet.

She has experience working on global operations and business technology integration issues, and has worked extensively with companies such as E*Trade and Fox to engage to a more data and technology driven marketing approach. Stella is now based in NYC and as a self-identified polymath is exploring among other things the future of media through technological innovation.

Stella is an EU citizen, has lived and worked on four countries and speaks four languages. She has a BA in Digital Media & Mass Communications from London Metropolitan University, and a Global Master of Arts from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. You can follow her on @stelina_gr and her blog is