I-COM Data Startup Challenge

E Fundamentals was proud to be announced as the overall winner of the prestigious 2017 I-COM Data Startup Challenge and also winner of the Attribution category. This competition attracts great entries from around the world providing a valuable learning experience. The judging panel is of the highest quality and developing our submission helped us to sharpen our communications. The event itself is a wonderful opportunity to meet potential clients and collaborators.
— John Maltman - CEO, E Fundamentals, UK

For companies like ours, global knowledge sharing among peers and developing our business across borders is invaluable. We have found great value in connecting to the world via I-COM, engaging new audience. We loved being a part of I-COM 2017 because it has brought us fresh exposure to potential customers. To top it all, the support by the I-COM team has been brilliant - quick, helpful and personal.
— Prof. Aytul Ercil - Co-Founder | CEO & Ceyhun Burak Akgul - Founder, GM & CTO, Vispera, Turkey

Being selected as an Official Selection in the Data Startup Challenge 2017 has helped our business immensely, giving us global recognition that opened doors to new clients and investors. I was impressed by the other startups we competed against, and the attendees at the Global Summit were top notch and we made many new high level connections with some of the world’s largest brands and agencies. We’ll definitely be attending I-COM every year from now on!
— Andrew Ko - CEO, Personalyze, UK

I-COM is definitely ‘THE’ place to be for Data Driven companies. Participating to the 2016 Startup Challenge gave us a tremendous opportunity to present our Data Science platform to Data best-in-class players in Retail, Banking or Industry. As an output, and thanks to the great conditions created by the I-COM Team, we have been able to engage interesting, direct and fruitful conversations with many companies including Unilever and others.
— Florian Douetteau - CEO, Dataiku, France

I-COM Global [Summit 2016] was a fantastic event for us. We enjoyed meeting so many leaders from the global marketing and data space in such a perfect location to mingle and get to know one another. To win two awards was an absolute highlight and we have initiated many relationships that are continuing today!
— Daniel Heer - CEO/Co-Founder zeotap, Germany Daniel Heer - CEO/Co-Founder Zeotap, Germany

Vincent Yan.jpg
We found I-COM Data Venture in Sevilla [2016] a great opportunity to meet and communicate with experts in data marketing. During the summit, we explored a lot of potential directions for our company and shared and discussed our efforts in data marketing with associates….[the summit] was held in an open and welcoming environment. We gained very useful suggestions and ideas among discussions.
— Haobo Gong - CTO, Net-Tide, China

Madhuban Kumar.jpg
Andreas and his team have created a perfect blend of location, food and business. He brings together the best of breed in a fun environment to explore new thoughts and address industry challenges. I enjoyed the sessions and the overall atmosphere [I-COM Global Summit 2016] was a delight.
— Madhuban Kumar - CEO, Metafused, UK

For the second year in a row, Unacast participated as a finalist in the I-COM Data Venture Challenge. The events have been an excellent way for Unacast to showcase its technology for the top people within the data and advertising industry, and winning the overall category last year helped us accelerate our business further.
— Thomas Walle - Co-Founder And CEO, Unacast, Norway

Being a part of the 2016 I-COM Data Venture Challenge was an extraordinary experience for S4M. It was very impressive to meet other presenters and address challenges from advertising decision makers and international stakeholders from leading media and creative agencies worldwide. This is a must-do event for marketing experts, especially for data-driven actors. It was truly insightful to engage in conversations on innovative applications between anonymised user data and consumer research panel data - both rising challenges in the heart of our industry today.
— Stanislas Coignard - Chief Strategy Officer, S4M, France

For data driven start-ups there is no better place to get recognised than at I-COM. Speaking on stage in front very experienced judges and networking throughout the event can put you on the map. Being made the overall winner for the I-COM Data Venture Challenge has helped VMob raise its profile in Europe and around the world. Following our participation we were able to secure a deal with a major European retailer and this was helped by the credibility and validation that the company received from I-COM judges in San Sebastian.
— Christopher Dawson - Strategy Director, VMob, New Zealand

The I-COM Data Venture Challenge was an amazing experience, affording us the opportunity to share the products we’ve built based on social data, to a very broad and influential, global audience. I-COM has been instrumental to Shareablee’s growth and the I-COM team is very committed to surfacing innovation and helping young companies - I highly recommend going for it!
— Tania Yuki - Founder And CEO, Shareablee, USA

It was a great event that gathered the latest trends, technologies and business models in data driven marketing. An excellent opportunity to catch-up about the ever-changing marketing and analytics landscape and its developments. A networking opportunity with people in the industry with a diverse background in terms of geography, areas of expertise and company size and profile.
— Jordi Ferrer - Founder & CEO, Conzoom, Spain