D-MIB Private Roundtable Topics

■  Knowledge-sharing sessions

Directed at new learnings with educational presentations and questions

  • Topic #1: Establishing a Solid Foundation of Exposure Measurement (Mobile and Desktop): viewable impressions, identification and filtration of IVT/fraud, monitoring ad blocking and counting only unblocked ads, ensuring knowledge of the technical environment into which the ad is delivered, accounting for pre-fetch/pre-render and brand safety.
  • Topic #2: Establishing Metrics for Advertising Value: attention metrics, ad effectiveness measurements, ROI.
  • Topic #3: Additional Processes, Controls and Transparency Required in Programmatic Environments for Items #1 through #2 Above. Also strategies necessary for media allocation between traditional and programmatic purchases - frequency management, hyper-targeting costs versus benefits.

■  Ideas-generating sessions

Directed at defining ideas & common approaches with presentations and longer group discussions

  • Topic #4: Establishing Digital Audience Currency and Comparable Cross-Media Audience Currencies:  audience attribution, data integration, measurement of duration, aligning the media silos to create compatible measurements for reporting purposes. Measurement of discrete advertisements separate from content.
  • Topic #5: Validation in a World of Emerging Proprietary Tools: especially in #2, #3 and #4 above (e.g., trading desks, DMPs, DSPs, walled gardens, etc.).