About San Sebastian


Join us for the 9th edition of our I-COM Global Summit in the breath-takingly beautiful, royal city of San Sebastian, in the heart of the Basque Country. 

Aside from the perfectly shell-shaped beach in the heart of the city, San Sebastian is, without doubt, best known for its culinary scene.

Whether you want to graze on bite-sized Pintxos from the traditional little bars lining the narrow streets of the old town, head out to one of the cider houses to enjoy limitless cider from huge, oak barrels accompanied by gigantic, locally-sourced steaks, or experience the world renowned Michelin Star restaurants such as Arzak, you will surely go home having experienced a gastronomical extravaganza.  

If you’re seeking some retail therapy, the shopping experience doesn't get much more enjoyable than in San Sebastian.  A world away from busy, noisy streets filled with crowds and traffic, here you can relax and saunter down the white and wide pedestrianised streets lined with decorative street lamps and inspirationally stylish people. Browse the one-off boutiques; from designer goods to local Basque brands, you'll return with items no-one else has back home.  

For those seeking adventure, although it’s all easily seeable on foot, there are bikes, paddle boards, kayaks and boats to rent, so you can choose your way to see the city.

Climb Mount Urgull at the edge of the old town and look back over the city with the lucious green mountain scapes in the backdrop. Or chose one of the 3 soft, sandy beaches to end your day bathing in the sparkly, evening sun.

Come join us and immerse yourself in mind-expanding data marketing projects, and relax and enjoy the lovely way of life in this colourful and compact little city. Make sure you submit your registration request for the 9th edition of the I-COM Global Summit in San Sebastian on April 9 - 12, 2018.