Call For Topics: I-COM Global Summit

I-COM welcomes proposals for topics for the next I-COM Global Summit (May 13-16th, 2019) in Malaga, Spain.

Let us have your ideas for themes and subject areas you would like to see covered during this 10th edition of the Global Summit by completing the form below. 

All topic proposals will be discussed by the I-COM Programme Board Members as they formulate and shape the content for the 2019 Global Summit Programme.

Simply click on the list of current topic categories already identified by the I-COM Programme Board to check whether your idea is already covered and if not, enter your proposal. 

Please note that you are submitting a topic proposal for the Global Summit Conference and not a speaker proposal. For speaker proposals kindly visit this page.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Bias in Marketing
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Enabled Technologies Driving Data/Product Innovation
  • Application of Data Science in a Real World
  • Autonomous Vehicles in 2021: A New Era of Digital Marketing - What Shape will In-car Media Take?
  • Behavioural Science & Data Science
  • Building Direct Consumer Relationships
  • Combining Primary (Psychographics) and First Party Data (Behaviour) to Tell a Richer Human Narrative
  • Countering the Marketing Brain Drain
  • Cross Media and Device Measurement
  • Data & eCommerce
  • Data & Technology in Digital Transformation
  • Data Driven Business Transformation
  • Data Ethics
  • Data Quality, Data Integrity, Data Validation, Data Correction
  • Defining the Consumer Journey
  • Delivering Real Value in Exchange for Consumer’s Data
  • Differences in Data Concepts (ML, Data Vis, Coding Languages, Bots, Automation); What Methodology will Lead
  • Driving Quality in Programmatic (Transparency, Viewability, Ad Blocking, NHT, Fraud, Brand Safety)
  • Emerging Methodologies in Media Payments: Blockchain, eWallet, POP (Proof of Performance), etc.
  • Focus on 2nd Party Data Solutions
  • How Voice Affects Search Marketing/eCommerce
  • How will 5G Enable Changes in the Marketing Mix via IoT (Internet of Things), NFC (Near-Field Communication) etc.
  • Identity Solutions Meets CDPs (Customer Data Platforms)
  • Impact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Improvement of Metrics in Text and SMS through RCS (Rich Communication Services)
  • In-store centres and IoT (Internet of Things) in-store - How do we Measure this Last Step in the Attribution Stream?
  • IoT - How Apple’s Adoptions of NFC Technology Creates New Marketing Opportunities
  • IoT (Internet of Things) - How Consumer Behaviour will Change
  • IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart Cities
  • Leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the Creative Process
  • Leveraging and Measuring Mobile & Location Based Marketing
  • Leveraging Quality Big Data for Effective Targeting & Data Activation
  • Leveraging Value from IoT (Internet of Things) Data
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics. Exploring the Underbelly of Data Science
  • Marketing to the Privacy Conscious Consumer
  • Measurement & Data Attribution in the World of Walled Gardens
  • Measuring Cross Channel ROI - Using Attribution, MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) and Unified Methods
  • Measuring Incrementality
  • Multi-Screen Video Audience Measurement and Metrics
  • Native Advertising & Content Marketing
  • New Routes for Consumer Engagement
  • New Technologies in Measurement Innovation
  • Personalisation
  • Rethinking TV - Challenges and Opportunities for Targeting, Creative and Measurement
  • The Changing Role of Social & The Implications for Marketers
  • The Future of Consumerism and how it’s Affecting the Marketing Game
  • The Next Generation Ad Experience
  • The Role of Blockchain in the World of Marketing
  • Using Data in Creative Development
  • What Innovative Approaches for Creating Value from Big Data will Emerge in the Next 3 Years?
  • What is the Future of Data Pools, Lakes, Sharing and 2nd Party Data?
  • What will a Marketing Cloud of the Future Look Like; Who will Own It?

We look forward to receiving your input!

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