I-COM City Meetups

I-COM City Meetups are exclusively invitation-only.  Organised by I-COM and held in cities around the world, we gather I-COM Alumni & Industry leaders involved in the Marketing Data and Measurement space, to share and discuss areas of particular interest to the group in an informal environment.

I-COM is pleased to receive the sponsorship support for a number of our City Meetups. If you would like us to arrange a City Meetup in your city, or want to know more about the sponsorship opportunities available, please email to moreinfo@i-com.org

I-COM London Meetup / June 2019

Sponsored by: White Ops

Venue: Bright

Bright is the spot where chefs and industry friends go on their off-duty time. Liam Kelleher, Phil Bracey and William Gleave are serving the food that they love to eat including their infamous katsu sando and chicken liver agnolotti and bulls heart tomatoes. The menu is constantly changing and presented as a one-page selection. The food is a modern combination of irresistibly laid-back cuisine and globally savvy and razor smart ideas. And the staff are superb too!

I-COM Paris Meetup / June 2019

Sponsored by: White Ops

We were delighted to host an exclusive pop-up Egyptian dinner in Paris with Chef Mostafa Seif. 

We first met this hugely talented chef in Marrakesh and it was an honour to introduce our members to his outstanding cuisine. Chef Mostafa graduated from the Culinary Arts Academy in 2013. His first experience was in street food with a cart concept called ‘Kebda w Sogoa’. He went on to be named Head Chef of ESCA, an upscale contemporary dining restaurant located in Cairo. 

He told us that his motto is "I love the kitchen more than Mostafa himself.” These words, he believes, sum up the passion that he has for the culinary arts. They seem to have served him well as in 2017 he was awarded with the title of ‘Top Chef’. We’re sure that our members agree that the evening was a huge success and a fabulous combination of great food and great company.

I-COM Copenhagen Meetup / February 2019

Venue: Fiskebar

Perhaps Copenhagen’s hottest new restaurant in the edgy meatpacking district, Fiskebar, has drawn raves both for its chic interiors and loyally Danish seafood creations. It’s all about fish and sea food, about fresh and healthy products and about good wines. Owner Anders Selmer, a former sommelier at Noma, and British-born chef Jamie Lee have lured in locals and visitors with stunning dishes that show a sense of place: seared squid with pine and celeriac, Norwegian king crab with red cabbage and roasted koji. Opened in 2009, Fiskebar has been awarded a Bib Gourmand, an honor awarded by the Michelin Guide to restaurants offering exceptionally good food, and kept it since.

I-COM Dusseldorf Meetup / February 2019

Venue: Yabase

For 30 years, Yabase has been serving authentic, Japanese cuisine. Freshness and quality of the products are their top priority.

I-COM Paris Meetup / February 2019

Venue: Vantre

Vantre is one of those neighborhood spots that will enter your life quietly and before you know it, you’re in love. That’s because the talent both in the kitchen and front of house comes from Paris’ finest, most awarded, starred places. It’s like they’ve created their fantasy perfect neighborhood restaurant, that they themselves would come back to multiple times a week to let their hair down, when off-duty. Indeed, “vantre” in the Middle Ages was a term meaning “place of enjoyment". Sommelier-owner Marco Pelletier has access to the best, most nerdy wines available (many bottles from his own private collection), and if you ask, he’ll emerge from the back with an off-menu pour he’s got stashed away that’s perfect for you. Chef Iacopo Chomel cooks with the micro-seasons and offers food featuring select ingredients, fresh from the market.

I-COM New York Meetup / January 2019

Venue: Studio

The meetup took place at chef Ezra Lewis' test kitchen, Studio at Freehand Hotel. With his Trinidadian background combined with his experience in fine dining, chef Ezra Lewis offered a Mediterranean and North African/Moroccan inspired menu showcasing bold spices and vegetables with loads of fresh herbs, healthy but not dull. 

I-COM Paris Meetup / November 2018

Venue: Le Duc

Created by Jean Minchelli in the late 60s, man of the sea and friend of all fashionable in Paris, Le Duc is part of the New Wave cooking that will wash over the Hexagon: breaking with the dogmas of traditional home cooking the restaurant dares natural simplicity, reducing amount of sauces and cooking times to gain flavor and lightness. This very modern cuisine provides Le Duc longevity and modernity.

I-COM London Meetup / October 2018

Venue: St. Leonard’s

The meetup took place at St. Leonard’s in Shoreditch. We catched chef Andrew Clarke at an exciting moment. He and partner Jackson Boxer, darlings of the London food scene with Brunswick House, have opened their much anticipated new spot.

I-COM Brooklyn Culinary Meetup / September 2018

Venues: New York Distilling Company, Llama Inn, Samesa and Pies n Thighs

Following welcome drinks, like an I-COM Tapas Bar tour, the meetup group was drinks & food trotting around the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Williamsburg sampling several culinary hotspots. 

I-COM Chicago Meetup / September 2018

Venue: Smyth

Smyth evokes warmth, vitality and artistry. Chef John B. Shields’ mission is to “create thoughtful dishes from pristine products - dishes that are imaginative, yet humble and grounded.” The casual atmosphere and open kitchen makes you feel right at home.

I-COM New York Meetup / September 2018

Sponsored by: Converseon

VenueJimi Hendrix's former New York apartment in Greenwich Village

Guest Chef: Maria Grubb

I-COM London Meetup / August 2018

Venue: St Leonard's

Inspired by chef Andrew Clarke's one favorite restaurant in SW France, St. Leonard’s showcases French terroir with a nod to grandma cooking, but it’s not food that will weigh you down. There’s a focus on the raw bar and Japanese delicateness. The meat that’s served is special and deliberate; they have a serious dry aging program. Fire cooking is a thing here. The menu is about his love for Asian food combined with his predominantly French training. It’s how he himself likes to eat. “I used to call my cooking ‘modern European,’ but the world is becoming smaller. Now I call it ‘global modern.’ We’re not scared to do things that others won’t.” says Chef Clark.

I-COM London Meetup / March 2018

Venue: Londrino

Born and raised in Leiria in Portugal, Chef Leandro Carreira first started working in restaurants in Lisbon before travelling around Europe and the Middle East. He cut his teeth at Andoni Luis Aduriz’s famed Mugaritz, before coming to London and working at Nuno Mendes Viajante as Head Chef. At Londrino they showcase the ingredients and traditions of Portugal through a new lens, focusing on the sea and cooking with elegance to bring out the raw flavours.

I-COM Frankfurt Meetup / January 2018

Venue: Bockenheimer Weinkontor

Bockenheimer Weinkontor is located in the former premises of a blacksmith's workshop. In winter, there’s a cozy fireplace and in summer a secluded garden with a great atmosphere.

I-COM Munich Meetup / January 2018

Venue: Schneider Bräuhaus München

When the people of Munich speak of traditional hospitality, they certainly think of Schneider Bräuhaus.

I-COM Madrid Meetup / November 2017

Venue: YOUnique Lounge

Only YOU Boutique Hotel Madrid offers a space where you can enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that adapts to any time of the day, making it a great place for seeing friends or having a work meeting.

I-COM Singapore Meetup / November 2017

Venue: Cure

Cure is a modern day urban neighbourhood restaurant.  Whether it be a meeting point or a place to eat, drink and socialize. Whether a snack or cocktail at the bar, a seasonal a la carte menu or relaxed informal tasting menu.

I-COM London Meetup / November 2017

Venue: Taberna do Mercado

Taberna do Mercado is the brainchild of Chiltern Firehouse chef, Nuno Mendes. His reputation as the East End’s most inventive culinary mind formed from his previous experience at Viajante, ElBulli with Ferran Adria and other top names around the world. Taberna do Mercado reinterprets Portuguese food flavours whilst like in San Sebastian (location of our next Summit) champions specially sourced local top ingredients.

I-COM Los Angeles Dinner Meetup / November 2017

Venue: Broken Spanish

Broken Spanish displays Chef Ray Garcia’s distinct culinary perspective with an elevated contribution to a bountiful culinary history. The cuisine is expressed in bold yet refined flavors. Preparations demonstrate elements of long-established tradition, while finished dishes are showcased with modern appeal.

I-COM San Francisco Meetup  / October 2017

Venue: Duna

Chef power pair Nick Balla and Cortney Burns who rose to prominence at Bar Tartine (sister spot Tartine Bakery), a legendary day-to-night hang for food nerds—those who appreciated a simply delicious meal but could taste the singular time and care that went into the ferments, preserves and cultures. The chefs draw upon ancient recipes from as far-flung as Hungary to Japan; unique in the US! With tasting menu level obsessiveness but laid-back vibes, it became the beloved first stop for in-the-know food industry folks coming in from the airport.

I-COM Chicago Meetup / October 2017

Venue: Smyth

Smyth's informal atmosphere features an open kitchen surrounded by intimate tables and a cozy living room-style lounge.

I-COM New York Meetups / October 2017

Venue: Chefs Club and Gramercy Park Hotel, Maialino Bar

Chefs Club is a restaurant in New York City’s Nolita where guests can experience spectacular dishes from great chefs from around the world. All year round, Chefs Club invites visiting chefs to take over the space and the menu for a period of time.

Gramercy Park Hotel's on-site restaurant is New York’s acclaimed Italian trattoria Maialino from restaurateur Danny Meyer's celebrated Union Square Hospitality Group.

I-COM Brooklyn Culinary Crawl / October 2017

Following welcome drinks, like an I-COM Tapas Bar tour, our group was food trotting around the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Red Hook, sampling several culinary hotspots. 

I-COM London Meetup / October 2017

Sponsored by Beemray.

Venue: Taberna do Mercado

Taberna do Mercado is the brainchild of Chiltern Firehouse chef, Nuno Mendes. His reputation as the East End’s most inventive culinary mind formed from his previous experience at Viajante, ElBulli with Ferran Adria and other top names around the world. Taberna do Mercado reinterprets Portuguese food flavours whilst like in San Sebastian (location of our next Summit) champions specially sourced local top ingredients.

I-COM Dusseldorf Meetup / September 2017

I-COM Singapore Meetup / June 2017

I-COM London Meetup / February 2017

I-COM London Meetup / November 2016

Sponsored by Audience Project

I-COM Madrid Meetup / November 2016

I-COM NYC & Brooklyn Meetups / August 2016

Selected City Meetups were sponsored by Eyeota.

I-COM San Francisco Meetup / August 2016

I-COM London Meetup / August 2016

I-COM Dubai Meetup / May 2016

I-COM Delhi Meetup / February 2016

I-COM USA Meetups / September 2015