Conference Speaker Guidelines:
I-COM Global Summit 2019

Speaker Selection

The selection of a Speaker for the I-COM Global Summit is entirely independent of any commercial consideration and is based solely upon merit as determined in consensus by the I-COM Programme Board.

When a Speaker Proposal is received from a company that does not fully meet I-COM Speaker terms & conditions, I-COM will contact the company and provide the commercial requirements before proceeding with the proposal evaluation.

Please also note that for marketing technology companies & commercial providers of research / data services there is a sponsorship requirement attached to I-COM Programme Board approved speaking proposals. For more information on this, go to Members & Sponsors with I-COM. 

Here are the top 3 reasons why a proposal gets accepted by the Programme Board. Approved proposals:

  1. are clear and focused 

  2. include real case studies

  3. showcase innovative approaches

The main reasons why a proposal is rejected by the Programme Board are:

  1. Sales pitch

  2. Lack of detail

  3. Lack of focus

Speaker Registration

All Speakers need to register and pay for an I-COM Global Summit Access, as well as their related accommodation and travel expenses.

Participants (delegates) attend by invitation-only.  The I-COM Global Summit is a premium symposium and the Summit has an exceptionally high quality production cost.

As Summit Speakers are often delegates themselves, I-COM believes that having a policy in which all participants pay for an I-COM Global Summit Access ensures we are able to maintain an attendance fee charge that is as cost-effective as possible for all participants of the Summit.

Speaker Timing-Format

I-COM has adapted the speaker-timing format from TED. This maximises interaction amongst our delegate attendees and gives as many experts as possible an opportunity to speak.

The format of each Speaker's stage presentation is assigned by the I-COM Programme Board, and is based on the specific topic and overall number of Speakers in each session. The format of a speaker's on-stage participation on a topic session -- individual presentation, co-Speaker presentation, discussion panel participation, session moderation -- are considered equally as 1 speaking slot. 

With the exception of Keynote Speakers, all individual Speakers are generally allotted a total of 7 minutes presentation time and co-Speakers a total of 10 minutes.

As the I-COM Global Summit represents a gathering of the industry elite, speaking at I-COM is not only ideal to impart knowledge and experiences but also the basis for engaging in discussions between Speakers and the delegates. Speakers will need to adapt their presentations so that key learnings are communicated, clearly and concisely, within in the allotted time, and refraining from any possible "sales" contents which is perceived to reduce the credibility of the insights presented and is not appreciated by the audience.

Speaker Presentation Format 

Most I-COM Global Summit presentation sessions will have several Speakers presenting on the same topic. I-COM aims to provide a holistic, multi-angled view on each topic that is covered, with as many key industry representatives on stage to share their insights and experiences.

Within each session, the time allotted for an individual Speaker presentation is 7 minutes and 10 minutes for co-Speakers, followed by a 3 - 5 minute Q&A. This format aims to maximise the interaction between Speaker & delegates, and to give as many experts as possible an opportunity to contribute. Each session is moderated by an experienced industry representative. To give you an insight, please watch some of the 2018 I-COM Global Summit speaking sessions here.

All Speakers will be provided with a standard I-COM branded presentation template (Powerpoint and Keynote), and a detailed speakers brief.

For approved speakers, the deadline for receiving your final presentation is: May 6th, 2019.

Preparatory Session:

6 weeks before the I-COM Global Summit, we ask that you allocate time for at least one preparation session via a conference call with your session moderator and your fellow session Speakers.

Guidance notes for presentation slides:

If your Speaker session is for a 7 minute presentation slot, I-COM would not recommend preparing too many slides. Please take time to consider the most effective way to disseminate the information. Remember that slides with too much detail or extensive content will take more time to cover than a slide holding a well structured set of key points. Most of our Speakers prepare 1 slide for every 2 minutes of Speaker presentation time.

Speaker Substitution, Addition or Cancellation

As our Speakers are chosen by the I-COM Programme Board for their specialist knowledge and communication skills, not because of the company that they represent, I-COM generally does not allow Speaker substitutions.

If for some reason a Speaker needs to cancel their participation, please inform us as soon as possible by emailing

I-COM would ask that, if at all possible, you provide recommendations of a suitable replacement. A recommendation is particularly helpful in case we do not have a Speaker on the waiting list for that particular topic.

Any Speaker replacement or addition (in the case of a co-Speaker presentation) will need to be approved by the I-COM Programme Board in advance of the Summit, and we therefore appreciate your timely consideration in notifying us of any changes.

I-COM reserves the right to cancel a Speaker engagement should the Speaker fail to comply with deadlines and criteria for presentations. Should I-COM find it necessary to cancel a Speaker for this reason, there will be no obligation on behalf of I-COM to refund any fees or costs related to the Speaker attendance to the I-COM Global Summit.

To Submit a Speaker Proposal

  • Review the conference theme, description and topics for the I-COM Global Summit.

  • Use the speaker proposal submission form to submit a proposal that is relevant to the topic described.

  • The official speaking proposal submission deadline for the Global Summit 2019 is February 15th. However, I-COM is pleased to accept proposals anytime, even before we issue a Call for Speakers, or after the deadline has passed. Please note, after the deadline, as the I-COM Programme Board will get underway with speaker proposal selection, the earlier proposals are submitted, the higher the probability it will have of being accepted by the Board.

  • The I-COM Programme Board has a preference for speaker proposals that include case studies and co-presentations with clients. Please note that the Board meets to review the Speaker proposals on a monthly basis. The Board may get in touch with you directly should they need further information. Please bear with us during the proposal review and selection process, it can take several weeks.

  • I-COM does not accept sales pitches or marketing presentations. PR firms should only forward proposals created by the actual presenter.

  • If you will be coordinating participation on behalf of a Speaker, please provide all your contact information in addition to that of the Speaker.

  • You will be contacted if your proposal is accepted.

  • Should you have any questions about the status of your proposal, or have any other questions about the I-COM Global Summit Call for Speakers, please email

Upcoming Deadlines

The I-COM Programme Board meets once per month to review and select speaker proposals. The earlier proposals are submitted, the higher the probability it will have of being accepted by the Board.

Deadline for submitting Speaking Proposal: February 15th, 2019

Speaker Preparatory Conference Call: 6 weeks before the I-COM Global Summit

Deadline for Speaker final Presentations: May 6th, 2019

Speaker Benefits

Our speakers are active stakeholders in our industry. One of the main benefits of presenting at the I-COM Global Summit is to share experiences, network with your peers, and to interact with the most influential community in Marketing Data & Measurement. We promote our Summit Speakers on our website, through our social media channels and in some selected press releases.

The support of our Members, Sponsors & Partners are a critical part of our Summit and a high-value interaction at our event would not be possible without them. We, however, do not guarantee any Speaker slots including Sponsors.

All speakers for the I-COM Global Summit are evaluated regardless of any commercial consideration. Speaker proposals are accepted only upon the merit of the proposal, individual speaker, relevance of the topic, and a speaking slot being available. Speaker selection is determined in consensus by the I-COM Programme Board.

Note: Marketing technology companies and providers of research / data, have a sponsorship requirement.

Please get in touch with our Sponsorship/Membership team, for further details.