I-COM Data Creativity Awards - How to Enter

Entry submissions are now closed. Late entries may be considered on a case-by-case basis, email us at dca@i-com.org


The I-COM Data Creativity Awards are ideal for marketers, agencies, media owners, data services or research providers and trade associations involved in Digital Marketing. Projects that meet one of the category definitions can be entered by any company, either individually or as a collaboration of companies from the stakeholder groups as described here.

Reasons to enter

  • Have your work evaluated by a distinguished Jury using a bespoke system that focuses, in detail, on your work

  • Have your work recognised at a global event in front of the elite in smart data marketing

  • Benchmark your work against competitors

  • Develop business opportunities and expand your networks

  • Receive international press coverage on important trade publications

  • Inspire the community

  • Challenge and reward your team

  • Drive business transformation

Types of projects

The I-COM Data Creativity Awards competition is open to entries that show evidence of the creative leveraging of value from data that has been instrumental to delivering business value. Whatever the nature of the project, entrants must be able to show the magic of a highly creative and innovative approach and demonstrate the project achieved strong results. Examples of demonstrable results would include financial, thought leadership or other stated criteria.

The Jury will be looking for genuine original thinking and steps that others have not previously taken and would not automatically take. Ideas must have been well executed and have ultimately improved the success of the project.

Scoring of Projects by the Jury

  • 50% of the scoring is based on the actual project results

  • 50% on the extent to which innovative and creative approaches with data were adopted in achieving those results

Since the 4th edition, in 2016, the I-COM Data Creativity Awards Board implemented the following additional scoring process, to provide unbiased scores:

  • I-COM Data Creativity Awards entrants are each scored against an absolute standard (rather than ranking relative to entries received).

  • The scoring process combines: 1) multiple judges’ scores and 2) the scores of entrants by only a subset of all judges.

  • As I-COM Committees have grown the variation in the ranges among the judges’ scores has understandably increased.

  • A normalisation process has been introduced to ensure that the Award results are not biased by the “luck of the draw” with any particular group of judges.

  • Mean Distance Projection preserves each judge’s scoring distribution, while normalising the range of scores across all judges.

Deadline & Entry Form

Entry submissions are now closed. Late entries may be considered on a case-by-case basis, email us at dca@i-com.org.

To send your proposal, click here.

Entry Price

Non-Member Pricing

Price per entry EUR 520,- 

Price per additional category entry EUR 350,-

Member Pricing

Price per entry EUR 400,- 

Price per additional category entry EUR 300,-

Please check whether your company is an I-COM Member.

Notification of Official Selection

You will be notified if your entry qualifies through to Official Selection, and at that time you will be invited to attend and present at the Awards Final that will be held during I-COM Global Summit on May 13-16th, 2019 in Malaga, Spain.

If an entry is nominated by the I-COM Data Creativity Awards Jury as part of the Official Selection, at least one team member or a qualified representative from each shortlisted company will need to register and attend the I-COM Global Summit in order to participate in the Awards Final. Payment of the entry fee does not cover the registration fee for the I-COM Global Summit.

Official Selection Final and Awards Ceremony

The Official Selection Final Round of Judging takes place live at the I-COM Global Summit (May 13-16th, 2019 in Malaga, Spain). The category winners and the overall winner will be announced at the I-COM Global Summit Gala Awards Dinner on May 14th, 2019.

Finalist Presentations at the I-COM Global Summit

Please note that only awards entrants who are nominated by the Jury to the Official Selection are invited to present at the I-COM Global Summit. The presentations are part of the final round of judging.

Registration to the I-COM Global Summit is required for all participants, though a special discounted Summit access of EUR 2000,- is extended to presenters from the I-COM Data Creativity Awards Official Selection.