I-COM Data Fashion Hackathon


I-COM developed a new initiative to support a greater understanding of Data Creativity

I-COM partnered with leading Portuguese Fashion School - MODATEX, Vogue & Designer Miguel Flor and CENIT - Centro de Inteligência Têxtil

In partnership with MODATEX, a prestigious and internationally recognised Portuguese Fashion School, the Hackathon challenged sixteen fashion students and alumni to each design and create, under a high-pressure time frame, an avant-garde ‘look’ inspired by award winning examples taken from the I-COM Data Creativity Awards.

The I-COM Data Fashion Hackathon allows the participants to explore different sources of information - to apply and interpret it into a specific & unique clothing design, highlighting the diverse character of Fashion Design whilst empowering the individual creativity of each one of them.
— Luis Parada, coordinator at Modatex

I-COM Data Fashion Hackathon Official Media Partner is  VOGUE Portugal.

The Hackathon participants were challenged to produce a bold creation of outstanding quality in a fast-paced environment.  From the sixteen entrants, twelve finalists were selected to present their work before the best & brightest of the Smart Data Marketing world, gathered in Porto, Portugal for the I-COM Global Summit on April 24-27, 2017. 

The Finalists competed in a special Fashion Runway Show during the I-COM Gala Awards Dinner on the evening of Tuesday, April 25.

I-COM Data Fashion Hackathon Finalists:

  • Artur Jorge Da Silva Dias
  • Catarina Filipa de Sousa Magalhães
  • José Filipe Pires Augusto
  • Inês Sampaio Esteves
  • Joana Rita da Silva Queirós
  • Patrícia Augusta Gomes de Oliveira
  • Patrícia Raquel Oliveira de Brito
  • Sara de Jesus Freitas de Oliveira
  • Sérgio Miguel Monteiro Nunes Sousa
  • Stephanie Lyn Hawkins
  • Vânia Raquel de Sousa Moreira
  • Vera Márcia Rodrigues Gomes

The Data Fashion Hackathon Jury comprised hand picked industry professionals from both worlds. They evaluated the fashion creations according to a series of set criteria, and selected the I-COM Data Fashion Hackathon winners.

I-COM Data Fashion Hackathon Winners:

  • Vânia Raquel de Sousa Moreira
  • José Filipe Pires Augusto
  • Inês Sampaio Esteves
This is an exciting new I-COM initiative that helps build not only a local bridge with Porto and its fashion community, but also the creative worlds of Data and Fashion. During our events, we always strive to showcase the very best our chosen destination has to offer – integrating culture, fashion & culinary excellence. The I-COM Data Fashion Hackathon is data inspiring fashion creativity.
— Andreas Cohen, Founder & CEO, I-COM Global