I-COM Data Science Hackathons


To me it is exciting to see how quickly these teams can come together and take what is admittedly some messy data across different data sets, pull it together and then bring something that is actually relatable to all the none data scientists in the room.
— Brian D'Alessandro - Head of Data Science, SparkBeyond, USA

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Honestly, we were blown away. These people worked 24 hours and they’ve created solutions which, sometimes, we would take us months to come up with.
— Kanishka Das - Global eBusiness (Digital Brand Building & eCommerce) Analytics & Insights Leader, Procter & Gamble, USA

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Within the 24 hours of the Hackathon, we really had very good insights.
— Baptiste Tougeron - Ad Effectiveness Specialist, Southern Europe, Market Insights EMEA, Google, France

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We got some actionable insights that we can take back and really start to critically look at our business. We’ve also identified some decisions that we have, internally, already moved towards.
— Adam Husein - VP, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Warner Bros, USA

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RAPP has participated in the Hackathons each of the last 2 years and have found it to be a rewarding experience for our organization each time. We have access to clients and data we wouldn’t normally have access to and the intensive 24 hour time provides an excellent training ground for unexpected client requests and opportunities which flow into our business. And by competing against other leading professionals in our space we always ending up learning new techniques that we can bring back to provide value to our existing clients. We intend to continue to send new team members each year so that RAPP can continue to benefit from this unique competition.
— Jared Rodecker - VP, Advanced Analytic Solutions, RAPP, USA

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Data is becoming more and more relevant in the marketing concept and the hackathon gives us possibility to work with young teams from different companies, countries and universities. They use new data science approaches and methodologies, from which we can learn. Also, the cooperation with data providers helps us to test new data sets in order to get relevant findings for our marketing decisions.
— Ute Lauer - Head of Marketing Steering, Intelligence & Processes, Lufthansa, Germany

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Last year Intel had a great experience in sponsoring a challenge in the I-COM Data Science Hackathon [2017], so we decided to come back. This is a great channel for us to bring new ideas and new thinking to the company.
— Emily Chen - Director of Marketing Science and Analytics, Intel, USA

For me the I-COM Data Science Hackathon is one of rare occasions where data scientists get to experiment with data sources, interesting pieces of information. It has a great atmosphere with unique spirit. It’s a great opportunity for hackathon sponsors, as they get so many data science brains in one spot.
— Sotir Hristev - Head of Data Science, Exactag, Germany

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Last year [2017] we participated in the hackathon and we really enjoyed it, so we decided to come back a second time and see if we can give a new challenge. I really enjoyed meeting people from different industries that all have similar interest. What I really love about the Hackathon is that in 24 hours the teams can solve problems or answer a big question, that can take weeks or months for our team.
— Neema Mashayekhi - Data Scientist, Global Insights and Analytics in GMC, Intel, USA

We looked at the I-COM Data Science Hackathon as a pilot for us [at Intel] - to create a marketing impair model for Intel, so we could understand what we are getting from our marketing investments. As a result we got some insights we could apply: one of them was that there is no single solution - you need to be creative and figure out what works best for your business. Since teams were coming from different countries and backgrounds, we learnt about different perspectives and importance of flexibility.
I would warmly recommend I-COM Data Science Hackathon to other companies, as it is the only Hackathon I know that takes marketing problems and try to solve them in real time and can have an impact on your business.
— Ioana Badea - Director, Strategic Pathfinding, Facebook, USA

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The I-COM Data Science Hackathons enabled the Analytic Partners team to successfully demonstrate the value of the balance of talent and technology and the importance of passion and commitment for turning data into expertise. Our achievement of winning the Hackathon and taking home the Smart Data Agency of the Year prize has truly opened doors for the company.
— Nancy Smith - CEO, Anayltic Partners, USA

Hackathons are always great to push you and your team to the limits and prove to yourself what you are truly capable of. The I-COM Hackathons 2017 provided the perfect environment for this. The task we were given really inspired our team to try out new approaches and solutions which our company will surely benefit from in the future. It was also awesome to see so many talented people of the industry coming together and work on the problems of todays marketing. Besides that, the event team of I-COM did a great job on the organization, it has been flawless!
— Daniel Wagner - Head Of Martech Consulting, Webmetrics By Publicis Media, Germany

The Hackathons are my personal favourite of the whole I-COM Summit as it allows everyone including the actual participants to the judges to the wider audience be part of a very progressive and creative problem-solving experience. It surfaces the great energy and the curious as well as diverse spirit, which overarch the entire Summit.
— Yasaman Hadjibashi - Managing Director, Head of Data, Citi Global Consumer Bank, USA

Coming from an academic background it was a great challenge for me to see how useful those theories that we have learnt in university are. As while as you are not able to use your knowledge in real life problems it is virtually useless; this Hackathon was a good opportunity for me to learn how to do that.
— Erfan Abdi - Software Engineer, Google, Switzerland

The I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2017 gave us the possibility to meet data scientist from all over the world working together to solve current marketing challenges. Its business focus and the connection with the I-COM Global Summit is what make this Hackathon unique, providing a nexus between science and decision makers. And all this happened in such nice place like Porto where we also enjoyed good food and wine. In summary, a wonderful experience recommended to any Data Scientist or marketing professional willing to make a difference.
— Jaime Reguero - Senior Data Scientist, Piperlab, Spain

The I-COM 2017 Hackathons was a great opportunity to see how other data scientists are changing the digital landscape with creative analytics and strong business acumen. The experience brainstorming and networking with others both passionate about marketing analytics and aware of industry challenges was invaluable. I left with new tools in my toolbox and a fresh set of ideas to take my clients to the next level.
— Caleb Fleming - Marketing Analytics, Merkle, USA

The I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2017 provided a great opportunity for us as a team and individuals to compete against some of the leading providers within the marketing analytics industry. The challenge set was highly relevant and touched on many of the pressing questions that our clients have today.
— Ed Dickerson - Consultant, Ebiquity, UK

Mixture of Kaggle-like quantitative assessment and classical hackathon was quite unusual, but interesting one, as the closest representation of the industry itself. It lasted only 24 hours, still I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for making it exactly this way, as it led to the most important thing — healthy competitive spirit, which encourages to surpass oneself prior abilities.
— Kostiantyn Lapchevskyi - Student, Taras Shevchenko National University Of Kyiv, Ukraine

The I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2017 was a highly challenging and refreshing experience. There was so much energy and enthusiasm in the competition, it was inspiring to discover the different teams’ approaches and experiments towards building solutions relevant to the business within 24h. It was a great opportunity to connect, learn and share with data scientists and experts from all around the world.
— Zi Hui Leong - Manager Data & Analytics, Publicis Media, France

I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2017 was an invaluable opportunity for data scientist teams to self-assess their creativity and abilities in a competition with world-class data scientists. I would recommend it to any company in the digital marketing to send their teams to compete, enjoy and test themselves.
— Ruben Cuevas - Assistant Professor, Telematic Engineering Department, UC3M, Spain

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Events like the I-COM Data Science Hackathon are very important and will become increasingly important for marketers as we start to really understand how to embrace the power of the crowd…

…very impressed with the creativity in the data science, how inspirational the business ideas were coming out…the courage of the teams to come in relatively cold for 24 hours to effectively invent a new platform that has almost immediate business relevance is starting to inspire ideas for what can come next…

…it has been an extremely valuable experience for us on the business side to get more into the details about the possibilities within data science and to think about how we as a business can start to embrace that more effectively. It has been mutually very beneficial…
— Kjersten Moody – Chief Data and Analytics Officer, State Farm, USA

The I-COM competition [in 2016] was a wonderful chance to network with like minded data scientists and data focused business representatives to explore cutting edge solutions to current data driven marketing problems. I can’t think of another hackathon that represents data science so well on the global level by bringing the best data driven marketers together from around the world!
— Alexander Sadovsky - Director of Data Science, Oracle, USA

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I-COM Data Science Hackathon [2016] is a great way to meet inspiring people who share the same passion for data. I saw a great potential and several opportunities how to use data in a better way in order to generate more value for our clients.
— Per Jensen - Senior Analyst, MediaCom, Denmark

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I had a tremendous time attending the jury during Data Science Hackathon in San Sebastian. We focused not only on challenge & numbers, but also on marketing and business relevancy! We saw different people, sectors and data culture which made it so interesting to follow.
— Armel Bursaux - Global Director of Operations for Analytics & Insight, Publicis Media, France

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The I-Com Data Science Hackathon event is a worldwide platform to nurture, mentor, recruit, retain and promote young talents in our industry. This year (2015) in San Sebastian, Xaxis participated with a global team of young millennials (selected via an internal competition) from Singapore, Germany, and the US headed by a seasoned mentor. As a leader, organizing and representing the team towards winning the Hackathon was a great personal experience. The event helps position Xaxis as one of the best organizations for fostering young talents.
— Kajal Mukhopadhyay - Ph.D., Cofounder & Principal, mdrk Consulting, USA

Being in the jury of the Data Science Hackathon 2015 opened my eyes on what a group of data scientists can achieve within 24 hours. Not only did they manage to deliver an answer on the business questions in full, but their creativity resulted in unexpected and great solutions.
— Rick van Yperen - Senior Manager, Global Analytics & Digital Insights Refreshments, Unilever, UK

As a Jury member, what impressed me the most about the first ever I-COM Data Science Hackathon held in San Sebastian 2015, was the ability of the teams to throw in Data and Marketing ingredients and, in just 24 hours, come up with the magic formula. The solutions definitely exceeded my expectations. Kudos to Andreas and Team for an excellent event, and cheers for even a more spectacular one in Madrid 2016!
— Krassimir Kostov - Manager, Cognizant Analytics, Japan

The most fun I’ve had in a marketing event, and I was not even one of the competitors. I look forward to the next year very much.
— Mikko Kotila - Principal, botlab.io, Finland

Jon Krohn_headshot.jpg
The I-COM Data Science Hackathon 2015 was a joy to participate in. All aspects of the event were an impressive combination of professionalism, competition and fun.
— Jon Krohn - Chief Data Scientist, untapt, USA