I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2019

The 2019 P&G Challenge

The Challenge

Define a set of insights and a behavioural  & data framework for P&G and our retail partners to help New Mothers find the right products across our portfolio.

New Mothers experience biological and life changes that drive them to consider changes to their everyday household items and lead them to adopting new products and services. How can P&G support mothers in discovering, accessing and benefiting from the right mix of products as she goes through such changes? The first ever Behavioural  & Data Science Hackathon consists of developing behavioural hypotheses and analyzing data to identify and validate key signals, patterns and inflection points in New Mothers’ purchases across categories leading to bigger baskets, trade in and trade across a portfolio of categories ultimately with the objective to delight Mothers with intuitive solutions that meet their and their household needs!

Quantitative Task:

Given two panels of New Mothers and non-parents, the quantitative challenge will be to understand significant difference between mothers and non-mothers and predict the next set of useful products to be purchased by the New Mums.

Qualitative Task:

The qualitative task will be to develop behaviour-based insights including reasons and motivations to explain the purchasing differences and recommend ways to put the relevant P&G products into the New Mother homes to enable larger baskets and category growth.


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