Private Roundtable: Digital Measurement Industry Bodies (D-MIB) 2019

NOTE: This is a Private Invitation-Only Roundtable, not accessible for all delegates.

D-MIB comprises the leaders of national digital audience measurement organisations like JICs (Joint Industry Committees), MOCs (Media Owned Companies), ABCs (Audit Bureaus of Circulation), IABs and tripartite initiatives.

The Steering Committee of the D-MIB (Digital Measurement Industry Bodies) has organised the 7th edition of this Private Invitation-Only Roundtable that will happen on Monday, May 13th, from 9:00-14:30 in Malaga, Spain during the I-COM Global Summit 2019. The Roundtable is preceded by a Private Dinner on Sunday, May 12th.

The D-MIB Private Roundtable is a unique gathering in terms of breadth of organization type and geographic coverage in the Digital space and is an invitation-only event.

D-MIB leverages the advantages of coming together, to share best practice and collectively improve how audiences are measured for the purpose of supporting display advertising. Also, given the rising importance of Global approaches to measurement, there is an increasing opportunity and need to benchmark, collaborate and coordinate activities on an international level.

As many of the D-MIB organisations are regular I-COM attendees, we agreed that it would be synergetic to facilitate a private meeting as part of our I-COM Global Summit.

The goal of the D-MIB Private Roundtable 2019 is discussing and exploring current topics in digital industry governance, focusing on data, certification and validation and how to move these towards global assurance processes.

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