Frontiers of Marketing Data Science Journal

At the Forefront of the Marketing Data Revolution

Editorial Process

Process Flow and Timeline

◆ The Editorial Board will publish regular Calls for Articles;
◆ Authors can submit articles continuously.

Article Selection and Review Process

◆ Upon receipt, the article is loaded to a shared public folder and Editors are notified;
◆To be selected for publication, each article must go through a formal review process. The process relies on the Committee of Associate Editors to recommend articles to the Executive Editorial Board;
◆ Each submitted article must be reviewed by at least one Editor within 3 weeks of submission;
◆ At least one Associate Editor should recommend the article to the Executive Editorial Board with a reason why they liked the article;
◆ At least two other members of the Executive Editorial Board must approve the article for publication;
◆ Authors will be notified within 6 weeks of submission whether or not their article has been selected for a target publication date;
◆ Publication will be dependent on the author revising their article to meet with editorial comments and suggested edits;
◆ Authors will have 2 weeks from receipt of publication acceptance to revise and resubmit their article.

Filtering Criteria

◆ Following the style guidelines;
◆ Named authors;
◆ Abstract;
◆ References to similar work;
◆ Claims are well grounded; methodology and evidence are provided;
◆ Future plans;
◆ Caveats;
◆ Avoiding sensational language;

Organisational Structure

There are two main structural bodies of the Journal: Executive Editorial Board and Committee of Associate Editors.

The Executive Editorial Board consists of Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editors and Publishing Editor. Executive Editorial Board members are invited to participate from the I-COM Data Science Board to serve for an unlimited duration. Lack of participation will result in being released from that year’s Executive Editorial Board.

Executive Editorial Board members are responsible for running and operating the Journal throughout the year including selecting and editing articles for publication, determining the release dates and setting the Journal policies. Each Executive Editorial Board member must review at least 4 articles per year to be mentioned in the publication.

Any I-COM Working Group member may be an Associate Editor. Associate Editors are responsible only for reviewing and editing of author submissions. Each Associate Editor must review at least 1 article per year to be mentioned in the publication.

Associate Editors are not permanent members of the Executive Editorial Board, and are generally selected for a single edition based on their reputation within the industry.

All Associate Editors are encouraged to contribute their own submissions and request author submissions from their network of contacts.

All Associate Editors must adhere to the editorial policies set by the Executive Editorial Board.

All Associate Editors serve on a volunteer basis.

The Executive Editorial Board targets a maximum size of 5 Executive Editors including the Editor-In-Chief and Publishing Editor.

Composition of Executive Editorial Board 2017/2018


Executive Editors: