I-COM Global Summit 2018 - Conference Topics

The I-COM Programme Board have approved a number of conference topics for the Global Summit 2018 stage, grouped into 4 main areas - The Big Picture; Consumer & Data; Ecosystem & Channels; Future Trends.

If you are interested in a speaking role at the Global Summit Conference, kindly see an overview of the planned conference sessions below. We will be pleased to receive a speaking proposal on the topic of your interest via our Call for Speakers.


  • Application of Data Science in a Real World
  • Business Models for Data Partnerships
  • Case Studies in Omnichannel Personalization
  • Data at the Intersection of Media & eCommerce
  • Data Architecture Design for Analytics
  • Disrupting Data Privacy
  • Identity Management meets Data Management
  • How does Disruption Affect the World of Data
  • How can Disruptors Build & Maintain Trust
  • Leading Data-Driven Business Transformation
  • Measurement and Data in the World of Walled Gardens
  • Navigating Data in Digital Transformation
  • Real-Time Brand Safety
  • Talent Education, Training, Operations and Team Structure for Today and Tomorrow
  • The Role of Blockchain in the World of Marketing


  • Addressing Barriers to programmatic (Transparency, Viewability, NHT, Ad Blocking, Inventory Quality, Audience Targeting Limitations, Fraudulent Impressions, Brand Safety)
  • Cross Media and Device Measurement
  • How is Multi-touch Attribution Combined with Econometric & Media Mix Modeling to Provide Cross-Channel Measurement
  • Leveraging and Measuring Mobile & Location Based Marketing
  • Leveraging Quality Big Data for Effective Targeting & Data Activation
  • Multi-Screen Video Audience Measurement
  • Native Advertising & Content Marketing
  • Programmatic TV - The Next Frontier for First Party Data
  • The Rise of Smart TV & Return Path Data Globally


  • Consumer Insights Driving Business Outcomes
  • Data Integration
  • Data Sharing and the Consumer Value Exchange
  • Data Quality, Data Integrity, Data Validation, Data Correction
  • Engaging Customers via New Channels
  • Equifax and Safari: Implications for the Data Ecosystem
  • Gen Z is Changing the Marketing Game
  • Human Narrative Through Data
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics. Exploring the Underbelly of Data Science
  • Setting a Moral Compass for Your Data Strategy
  • The Next Generation Ad Experience
  • Trends in Social & The Implications for the Ad Model
  • Unlocking the Consumer Journey
  • Using Data in Creative Development


  • AI Enabled Technologies Driving Data/Product Innovation
  • Emerging Methodologies in Media Payments (Blockchain, eWallet, POP)
  • Differences in Data Concepts (Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Coding Languages, Algorithms, Bots, Automatization); What Methodology will Lead
  • How GDPR and the Proposed ePrivacy Legislation will Change the World of Data & ePrivacy in the Next Several Decades
  • IOT - How Consumer Behaviour will Change
  • IOT and Smart Cities
  • Leveraging Value from IOT Data
  • Leveraging AI in the Creative Process
  • New Technologies in Measurement Innovation
  • The World of Autonomous Vehicles in 2021
  • What Happens to the Adtech Stack in an Opt-In World
  • What Innovative Approaches for Creating Value from Big Data will Emerge in the Next 3 Years
  • What is the Future of Data Pools, Lakes, Sharing and 2nd Party Data
  • What will a Marketing Cloud of the Future Look Like; Who will Own It