Post-Summit Days 2019

Our further pursuit of life's finer moments will continue in the Spanish state of Andalusia after the I-COM Summit from Friday May 17th to Sunday 19th. This 3-day event will feature the following.

Day 1 | Friday May 17

Tour of Alhambra Followed by Lunch

Departure Time: 07:45
From: Gran Hotel Miramar
Accommodation for the night:
Hacienda de San Rafael (see below)

Day 2 | Saturday May 18

Tour & Tasting at Barbadillo Sherry Cellar Followed by Lunch and Tour & Tasting at Huerta de Albala Winery in the Afternoon 

Departure Time: 09:30
From: Hacienda de San Rafael
Accommodation for the night:
Hacienda de San Rafael (see below)

Day 3 | Sunday May 19

Tuna Experience Lunch Followed by Walking Tour of the Charming Coastal Town of Tarifa

Departure Time: 10:00
From: Hacienda de San Rafael
Return to Malaga - Gran Hotel Miramar: 21:00
Accommodation: One of the Hotels in Malaga

Accommodation | May 17 & 18th


The award winning Hacienda de San Rafael, once a thriving olive estate, has been meticulously restored and converted into a heavenly hideaway, striking a balance between rustic charm and modern sophistication. The privately owned eighteenth-century hideaway is perfectly positioned halfway between the historic cities of Seville & Jerez de la Frontera renound for its sherry bodegas.

If you are interested to join or should you require for more information, please email Vinny at