7 Awesome Things You Can Do in Dataiku Without Coding


November 02, 2018 - Vincent de Stoecklin, Data Science Solutions at Dataiku, writes: As declared in Forbes just last month, businesses are starting to really wake up to the promise of what we call Enterprise AI. But what does that mean for the average non-coding analyst?

Well, exponentially growing the insights gained from data is critical for the movement into Enterprise AI, and it’s a matter of scale - using more available data for more data projects, faster. This cannot happen without expanding the breadth of people that have access to and work with data on a day-to-day basis (read: this cannot happen without you, the non-coding analyst, taking on a bigger role).

Yet incorporating the work of non-data scientists into data projects in meaningful ways requires a fundamental shift in mindset around data tooling, namely the addition of powerful features that allow data analysts to impactful work without coding. And we’re not talking about Excel, which caps out quickly on big data projects. More...