A Guide to Second-Party Data for Data Buyers


November 20, 2017 - Lotame: Have you joined the party yet? We’re talking about 2nd-party data, and if you haven’t yet explored this powerful source of high-quality, niche data at scale, now is the time to get educated!

Why is second-party data so important? Well, we at Lotame feel that second-party data is the future of scalable data targeting. As a marketer, there is never going to be enough first-party data, no matter how big you are. So you are left with the need to find additional sources of data.

First, let’s start with a definition of 2nd party data.

What is Second-Party Data?
Second-party data is essentially another company’s first-party data that is sold directly from the source. Rather than a company gathering this data and aggregating it to sell it programmatically on the open data marketplace (where it is combined with data from other companies), second-party data is sold in specific 1:1 transactions between sellers. This means you understand where the data is coming from and how reliable it is from the beginning. More...