A Q&A with Ed Leahy on Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences for Targeting and Measurement

Ed Leahy

Ed Leahy

As a marketer, every dollar counts and it’s critical to target audiences for your digital campaigns with data quality, accuracy, and measurement in mind so you can buy with confidence, reduce wasted ad spend, and maximize global scale.

In today’s Q & A Spotlight, we sat down with Ed Leahy [pictured], Senior Director of Data Solutions and Global Sales Lead for Precision Data Products here at Lotame to get more insights on Precision Demographic Audiences, how they’re helping marketers be more successful in reaching their desired targets, and what’s next on the horizon.

A Q&A Spotlight with Lotame’s Ed Leahy, Senior Director, Data Solutions

What are Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences?
Ed: Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences is a set of highly accurate age and gender demographic data that helps improve targeting, insight collection and analytics. Through our curated and verified process, we test the data in order to exceed industry benchmarks for on-target accuracy by up to 97%.

What makes these audiences different from other high quality segments available for purchase?
Ed: It’s all about Lotame’s methodology which allows us to toggle between scale and accuracy, giving our clients the perfect on-target percentage and/or needed audience size for their campaigns. More...